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A Thriving Winter Garden Space

A Thriving Winter Garden Space

My hubby loves his garden and allotment and I think during the winter quite misses pottering in the garden. I know I miss the girls going out to play, as we are always stuck in the house when it is rainy and colder.

girl playing in the garden

Sometimes, if it’s dry, I quite like sitting out on a cold, crisp day in the winter; wrapping up warm and enjoying the sunshine and the freshness of being outside. Even if I sit out under our canopy or gazebo for extra warmth. Have a look at garden-camping as they have some lovely choices and options to repair old gazeboes you may have forgotten about! This is a perfect way to enjoy your garden space during the winter.

You really want a nice garden if you’re going to spend your time sitting outside. Or at least an attractive area of your outdoor space to sit in. I asked my hubby if he had a little more time what he would try and do to create a bit of space to chill. He had lots of ideas; but I think sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day.

Here are his little nuggets of inspiration:

– Mow the lawn (if you have one) before the grass gets too soggy and the first winter frost sets in. It makes the garden look a lot neater.

– Generally tidy up! We are so guilty of finding the girl’s toys everywhere; balls, spades, broken dolls, and old paddling pool. Try and get organised before the cold sets in and get everything put away. This also gives you more room and may give you some more inspiration.

– Weed and go around the actual plants and tidy up. As I mentioned before, we often get to the Spring and there is so much dead plant material that needs clearing out before any new plants and flowers can be planted. This is usually quite a bit job and would be so much easier if done earlier on or even during the winter at some point.

– Plant some winter flowers and bulbs, ready for Spring. Head to the local garden centre and do your research. They will always have what is in season out and this will brighten up your space. Who doesn’t love flowers? You may also see some leafy foliage which is just as pretty.

– Treat yourself to some decor for the garden. This maybe some fairy lights or a nice ornament; something to look at it, if you do want to spend some time outside.

Now, you have this lovely winter garden space that is flourishing. Somewhere to chill and sit under a canopy, hubby making garden plans for the coming Spring and Summer! So, take out your warm blanket and cuppa and maybe a notepad and get your ideas together for planning a thriving garden space!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.