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Using Artificial Grass in Your Garden

Last summer my husband and I embarked on a big challenge. We decided that we wanted to get rid of a lot of the gravel and have grass. There were many reasons for this but the main reasons were for the girls. Our youngest was very likely to eat the gravel and I knew they couldn’t play out as well on it. Personally I think grass is more aesthetically pleasing and although I am not a sun worshipper at all, I do like to be able to relax on grass with a rug.

My hubby is the kind of person who likes to do things himself, so with me for a bit of help (well a little), we hired a skip and shovelled all the gravel into it! This took a good while and was a good alternative to the gym, I tell you!

Hubby and I debated on what sort of grass we would use. Seeds? Turf or even artificial grass. As with most things there are pros and cons and in the end he decided to use seeds and let our lawn grow. Hubby bought some top soil and painstakingly arranged it to make the land as flat as possible, before distributing the seeds. It grew slowly and looks pretty good now.

However, have just got back from a friend’s house in Ireland, where she has artificial grass in her garden. I think even though we thought about it for our garden, it was because we had never really seen it in ‘action’, that we didn’t try it in the end.

My friend’s garden looked pretty good and they explained some of the reasons it is becoming more and more popular. They had moved into the house with it already there and had decided to keep it.

Pros of Artificial Grass

– You don’t have to mow it. This can save a lot of time and arguments. 

– If you have children they don’t get dirty outside playing and they won’t bring it inside all over their shoes. Less cleaning for you!

– It looks pretty realistic! I had a good look and although you can tell, it’s not really obvious.

– If you suffer from grass pollen hay fever, artificial grass could be a real bonus, especially if you are someone who doesn’t mow it enough allowing the pollen to be released!

My friend explained they knew many people who had artificial grass, especially if they had children. Less mess and less fuss.

If you are considering a new lawn, definitely worth having a think about.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.