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4 Stylish Nursery Design Trends

When creating a space to bring your brand new little one home, you want a space that is unique to your family and that makes you feel happy. Whether you’ve got months or weeks until your new bundle of joy comes home for the first time, you’ll be keen to get the baby’s room ready in time for their arrival. From bright colours to gender neutral palettes, there are plenty of nursery decorating tips for every budget and style.

1. Scandinavian

With its simple, practical and modern style, the Scandinavian inspired nursery is one of the most popular nursery design trends. Often fresh white walls and wooden floors are a hallmark of Scandinavian nurseries, alongside white or wooden furniture.

Greater emphasis tends to be placed on more subtle design elements, like shape, texture and colour, which regularly encompass large rugs, toys and cushions. Black and white rooms are typically ‘Nordic’ in style, allowing chances to feature patterns and bold accent shades, such as yellow, blue or pink.

2. Purple hues

Purple is a bit like Marmite; people either love it or hate it. But this year’s year’s Pantone colour of the year, ultra violet, has had a real impact from fashion to interior design – particularly in children’s nurseries.
This exciting choice for Colour of the Year works brilliantly in many different ways, from creating a feature wall, to including subtle accents through toys, cushions or wall art. Ultra Violet is a bold shade, that evokes a sense of creativity, and a sense of balance and harmony. So, whether you decide to opt for lavender, soft iris or aubergine, purple is a versatile colour that creates an uplifting, feel-good space.

3. Statement walls

Wall decals, in the form of stickers or paint, can help you achieve a modern look for your nursery in the simplest way. Removable wall decor can make a big impact without the big commitment – perfect for growing little ones whose favourite colours and interests seem to change every week…
A large number of families are inspired by the current metallic trend, by integrating it into their little one’s nursery to add fun colour and texture. From including shapes such as stars and triangles, to the highly popular Scandi-inspired dots in ever-popular gold, rose gold and silver – or even multicoloured ‘confetti’ style – as well as more understated hues such as black and white.

4. Nature-inspired

Nature inspired nurseries have been around for a few years now, but even more so now that the Scandinavian trend has taken off. Basic natural and neutral colour schemes are one of the hottest baby nursery trends this year, incorporating simple white, yellow, brown and green hues.
The neutral colour schemes are usually accompanied by hanging birds to plants, to floral prints and wood. Alongside this, there has been a spike in animals making an appearance, with an abundance of animal toys becoming the main focal point for many nurseries around the world, from giant teddy bears and giraffes, to a Scandi-inspired riding horse toy.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post