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How to Save Money This Christmas

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Christmas can be insanely expensive. I’m kind of at a lucky stage now as the girls are too young to ask for particularly expensive presents. Piglet is completely overwhelmed by gifts as it is and didn’t even open her birthday presents, so, we haven’t bought her much this year. We are also heading to my mums for Christmas dinner and of course, have asked what we should bring, but overall this saves us some money on food! A turkey can be pretty pricey.

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But what about the future? The girls are bound to ask for some expensive gadgets a few year’s time and I’m sure we will be cooking Christmas dinner again at some point…..

Here are some tips to save money this Christmas:

– Stop buying gifts for everyone. I’m not saying be a Scrooge but make some deals. Perhaps do a family secret Santa or decide to buy for kids only. I no longer buy for friends or the entire family, as we all felt over the last couple of years it has got a little too much, between struggling for gift ideas and the added cost of buying the presents for everyone.

– Have a set limit with your partner for a gift . I have to admit this isn’t something we do (I like presents!) but I know plenty of people who set strict limits for partners and stick to it!! This can save an awful lot.

– Use coupons, supermarket vouchers and stock pile them if you can all year. I always remember my Mum stashing all her Tesco vouchers and then her shop had a massive discount!

– Be wise before Christmas and only shop in the sales if you want something. I like to get the girls new dresses before Christmas and many shops and online stores have discounts.  Click here for children’s designer clothes sale

– Consider if you really want to pay for a Turkey. They can be so pricey, and we often have leftovers that we haven’t managed to eat, because we’re too busy seeing family. Also, why not consider chicken as a substitute? It tastes better and is much cheaper. I know it may seem like breaking tradition, but it may be worth it.

– You may also want to consider a Ethereum wallet and to start saving using Cryptocurrency. Of course you want this to be kept safely and privately and to resist any attacks. You will find this with a Ethereum Wallet.

– If you like buying cards don’t think you have to head to the most elaborate shops. There are cheaper card shops and supermarkets often have some good choices and they can be an awful lot cheaper! Have a good look around and be sure to also do this with your decorations.

– Make a list for your shopping and stick to it. It’s very tempting to think “ah it’s Christmas” and shove everything into the trolley or your online basket. Plan your meals, drinks and treats and don’t deviate! Will save you, possibly your waist line and liver over Christmas.

Christmas doesn’t have to be ridiculous! We all want to have a lovely time but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Hope some of these tips have helped.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

how to save money this christmas