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10 Things I had Forgotten About The Third Trimester

10 Things I had Forgotten About The Third Trimester

I always say how clever I find the human body. You have a baby; go through the pregnancy, birth and “fourth Trimester”. You vow you will never do it all again and then you forgot all about it and get pregnant again!! Every single time! I’m currently almost 35 weeks pregnant with my third baby and weeeelllll into the third trimester. I swear I have forgotten so much about the end part. I don’t think it’s the hardest as the nausea is always the worst part for me but it is still pretty tough.

The good, the bad and the ugly, what have I forgotten about the third trimester?

– The constant weeing. The urgency. The desperation and then the teeny trickle that comes out, as your baby has basically been bouncing on your bladder. The two to three loo trips a night are also not fun either. Nor is the dribbling, if I don’t go properly. Oh the joys!!

– The Braxton Hicks. I can be fine and suddenly (usually after eating or exercising) my stomach is like a rock. It’s so hard and I know I have to not think I am in labour, like I did a lot last time.

– The wind that accidentally escapes. Ooops! I swear I have zero control.

– Not being able to bend down or sit with my legs together due to some enormous bump always getting in the way! I have to roll out of bed or over if I am getting up. Tricky.

pregnant lady in soft play

– The crusty nipples! Sorry if a bit TMI but the milk/colostrum that is started to come out seems to get stuck and I’m always having to wash it out!

– The tiredness and especially if I overdo it. I do just feel knackered and need to chill out. Obviously this is so hard with my two girls.

– The lightening pains. Hips, groin, bum, EVERYWHERE. I either move funny or my little man is doing so. It’s like he presses his head on a nerve in my back and I could hit the roof!

– The nausea. A couple of times now the nausea has come back and I never know if it is because I have just overdone it or hormones are going a bit crazy.

– The insane baby movements. The feet sticking out of my stomach and how lovely but yet uncomfortable it can be sometimes. I want to cherish the moments but I am getting ready for him to come out!

– The realisation you have to go through childbirth again. At the beginning you don’t quite believe it but as I am getting closer to my 36 week check and deciding where to give birth, it has hit me! The pain and what if it is really quick with number 3?

I’m sad that the third trimester and this pregnancy will be coming to an end soon but I am getting ready to get my body back and to be more comfortable. It’s bitter sweet isn’t it? You want to enjoy every moment but are excited for that little person to come!!

If you are pregnant can you relate?

10 things I had forgotten about the third trimester