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The Story of My First Car #InstagramYourCar

first car

We have just bought a car to fit three car seats in which sounds insane. Three! With baby number three on the way, there was always a possibility we could buy smaller car seats but I think we knew we needed a new car. We just wanted some more space and we haven’t bought a new car since I was pregnant with the gremlin. We chose a SEAT Alhambra.

There’s always a bit of nostalgia when you buy a new car and it did make me think about my first car back in 2009. I was a late car bloomer and didn’t pass my driving test until I was 25. I knew at that point I wanted a car; my first car. For some reason I had my heart set on a Nissan Micra! I’d be brought up on Nissans, as both my Dad and Grandad had one and they had always banged on about how good and reliable Japanese cars were. I wanted a smallish car, as was obviously scared about crashing it.

Hubby and I searched online and found a red Nissan Micra that was in my price range and I bought it! I still remember driving it home on my own and feeling pretty scared but I managed it. It was such a nippy little thing as well. I used to love driving it and it took me all over seeing friends and being independent.


I had a few adventures in that car. I remember smashing the bumper on one of my first days in my new job and my new work mate thinking I must have been crazy.  I also had a really scary experience in the snow driving to my Mum’s when I was pregnant with the gremlin. I lost control of it on the M6 and really thought I was toast!! One of those moments where you reflect and think you have a guardian angel watching over you. Thankfully, I regained control by not touching my brakes and all was fine. That first car got me through it.

I knew after that experience I would need a bigger safer car before I had my first baby and I chose a Nissan Qashqai for my second car. This felt huge but I got used to it pretty quick and have had for 5 years now, without any major issues apart from getting stranded on the M6 when the muppets who did my service, didn’t connect my turbo diesel properly! Not being able to accelerate on the M6, with thick black smoke coming out of the back was a fun experience I can tell you. I have also recently locked my youngest in it!

Girl with a new grey Nissan Qashqai

Now we have our car for three, I don’t know who is more excited, me or hubby and I’m hoping it will take the soon to be 5 of us, on some adventures.

I know we will want to get some good photos of the car and us all on our travels and the infographic below gives some great tips for this. Got to get our new car looking good on Instagram too.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.