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Inflata Nation Birmingham **REVIEW**

The girls, especially the gremlin love a trip out that involves throwing themselves around, soft play and slides. When I was invited to review Inflata Nation in Birmingham I knew they would love it!

Mum and two children outside Inflatanation Birmingham

What is Inflata Nation?

Inflata Nation is like what it sounds; an inflatable theme park! There are ball pits, giant inflatable slides, games such as Inflata Wreck, a giant inflatable multi-person wrecking ball game and Inflata Grab based on the popular hungry hippos game but with real people. Sounds like a lot of fun eh? You can have your kid’s parties at Inflatanation, as well as attend fitness classes and take your little ones to Inflata Tots. Lots going on.

There is also a two lane assault course and an area for the under 4s, that has a mini ball pit and a mini slide too.

Our Experience at Infla Nation

We booked for all four of us to attend at 10am on a Sunday. This is when the venue opens and as my hubby is an early-freak I knew the earliest slot would be best.

Cost-wise I have to say it isn’t a cheap family event but it is competitive with trampoline parks. It is more expensive than soft play however.

Adults are £9.95, kids, 4-15 are also £9.95 and your under 4s are £5.95. If you want more than 1 hour for the under 4s, you add on £3 and for kids and adults £7.

However, I think an hour is enough really. Under 4s can come in the main bit too but there is a designated area for them if you are more comfortable with that.

We arrived a little earlier and got our wristbands. Little Piglet refused to wear hers, so that was fun!! Tantrum over we could get ready to go in.

You also have to sign a waiver form when you arrive. Each adult must do this and on behalf of anyone under 16 you are supervising. We had to fill out two; one each for hubby and I and he added the girl’s details.

We then used the lockers to store our belongings. There is a little cubby hole for shoes and coats but I wouldn’t store your valuables there. There are paid lockers as below but bear in mind no change on these.

We then watched a safety brief and then we could go in! I do need to make it clear that pregnant people are not allowed in. The staff were very attentive of me and said I shouldn’t have paid if was just going in to supervise Piglet. I had to explain it was a review and any pictures of me in this post, I was not going on anything.

Lockers at Inflatanation Birmingham

You can see below the giant inflatable slide, the Inflata Duo, that my eldest loved! I was really jealous that I couldn’t get stuck in.

Giant slide Inflatanation Birmingham

I really wanted to run through these pillars! Again, I was jealous I couldn’t have a go!

Inflatanation Birmingham

Below you can see the two lane obstacle course that hubby and my eldest went on. She loved it and my 2 year old went on too, but of course needed some help! She was determined to do it.

Assault course at Inflatanation Birmingham

You can see the entrance to the assault course below!

entrance to assault course Inflatanation Birmingham

My eldest loved the slides and the ball pits.

Girl coming down medium slide Inflatanation Birmingham

As you can see I am very pregnant and was not going to start bouncing around!!

Pregnant girl Inflatanation Birmingham

Girl in ball pit Inflatanation Birmingham

Dad taking daughter up slide at Inflatanation Birmingham

I would have to say my girls’ favourite bit was the Inflata Bubbles where you can just bounce around like on a giant bouncy castle. They were on there for ages and didn’t want to get off when our hour was called.

Dad an daughter Inflatanation Birmingham

As my girls are 5 and 2 we didn’t have a go on any of the games, as I felt my girls a little too young. Below is the Inflata Grab, which is a bungee cord two people attach to and you see how many balls you can collect.

Inflatanation Birmingham

Toddler in Inflatanation Birmingham

My eldest did try the Inflata Wreck, which is a multi-person giant inflatable wrecking ball!

Young girl swinging ball Inflatanation Birmingham

You can see the under 4s area in the picture below.

Under 4 area Inflatanation Birmingham

The hour did go quick!

After we had finished bouncing we headed for a cuppa and a snack at the canteen. There was space to sit just outside the cafe as well as lots of additional seating upstairs where there is also a viewing gallery.

Food-wise it is typical fast food. Kids meals are around £4-5 for hot food – pizza, chips, sandwiches, nuggets, fish fingers. There is a good selection of drinks both hot and cold, as crisps, cakes and biscuits. It isn’t the healthiest choices but after all that bouncing my girls were starving!

Personally I would have had a jacket potato or panini and the jackets were about £4, which is reasonable.

Toddler having a snack Inflatanation Birmingham

There is a tots area too, which I liked. There are highchairs and an area to warm bottles.

Tot station Inflatanation Birmingham

family snacks at Inflatanation Birmingham

What Did we Think of Inflata Nation

The girls loved it! I asked the gremlin what was best: trampolining or here and she said Inflata Nation. When quizzed more she said she preferred the slides and balls. I must admit it felt safer, as I have heard of so many accidents at the bigger trampoline parks.

However, we did not try any of the games like Inflata Bash, so were a little tame!

There were staff keeping an eye on everything and I would definitely recommend getting there early if you have toddlers who want to stay in the main part. It was looking busier by 11am Sunday. We took Piglet to the under 4 area and she wasn’t fussed and wanted to join her big sister and sit on her Dad’s knee on the slides. I think hubby enjoyed it too!

The hour is enough I think for younger children but older ones may like a longer bounce around, so worth weighing up the extra fee.

It was very clean and neat and couldn’t fault anything there.

Price-wise it isn’t cheap but like all days out it is a treat and really good exercise. Hubby said his legs were tired and I was ready for my lunch after walking around. My little Piglet had to work hard to keep balanced when walking over the inflatables.

Tips for Attending Inflata Nation

– Get there early as it really quiet! I liked that and I felt more comfortable with my 2 year old in the main bit. It’s a fact that older kids get excited and don’t look and I was worried she could get knocked over if busy.

– Wear long sleeves, leggings and no jeans, as much more comfortable.

– Try not to take too much stuff and leave things in the car if you can, as not much locker space.

– If you want to save money, take drinks and snacks with you for after. The cafe is reasonably priced but add that on and it can get costly.

– Make sure you read all the rules before going in. No jewellery, full pockets etc and it makes sure you keep safe and injury free.

Overall I would definitely recommend Inflata Nation for a fun-family activity. It’s different, fab exercise and great fun. I would like to go back a good few months after my little man is born!

Thumbs up!!

Disclosure – we were kindly invited to review this activity free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are our own.