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How to Create a Valentine’s Scrapbook with Veesun | AD

How to Create a Valentine’s Scrapbook with Veesun | AD

I haven’t done any scrapbooking in ages. It is really quite sad! Basically due to lack of time and always having some blog work to do! When I was contacted by Veesun to see if I would like to review a scrapbook and do a couple of pages for a Valentine’s creation, I thought this would be a lovely way to do a bit of scrapping again and do something nice for the husband.

Who Are Veesun?

Veesun stock beautiful notebooks (leather journals), scrapbooks and some accessories to make some beautiful memories or gifts for your loved ones or maybe just for you.

veesun website

You can buy these direct from the Veesun website or you can shop on Amazon too, as they have a store. On the website, the prices are in Euros and the scrapbooks start at around 18 Euros for a linen style, 14 for a cardboard and 21 Euros for a leather-look one.

I was keen to have a browse and pick a scrapbook.

What Product from Veesun did I Choose?

Ok, I’ll admit it, I do love unicorns, so the Unicorn linen style scrapbook from Veesun did jump out at me. It retails at £13.99 on Amazon and I had it delivered with my Prime Subscription.

unicorn linen scrapbook

Here are some more specific details about the product from online:

  • Album size 28 x 21cm, inner page size 26x 18cm and it comes with 30 sheets / 60 pages photo paper. The scrapbook can hold 2 6×4 photos per page.
  • Package Includes a scrapbook album and 2 packs of photo corners.
  • DESIGN AND QUALITY – All albums are made of high quality linen cover with pretty printing and ribbon closure, durable and beautiful. The inner black paper excels at highlighting the colour and the beauty of the photos, and the pages are thick enough to take glue well.

Veesun empty scrapbook

Valentine’s Scrapbooking with Veesun

I thought it would be nice to scrap a couple of pictures of me and the hubby for Valentine’s Day. I usually do one picture per scrapbook page, so this is what I decided to do.

I was using one of my old scrapbook kits that I have had hidden away for a while now!

scrapbook kit

I always start by backing my picture which I did in a yellow card.

Then I stuck a strip of the patterned card down the left side and stuck my photo in the middle of this.

starting a scrapbook page with a veesun scrapbook

I then went to town on my embellishments. I used happy life as the main title and used stars and hearts to decorate.

Completed scrapbook page using a Veesun scrapbook book

I had some little coloured dots to outline the picture on one side and I always like to write something myself on the page, which I did; journalling is always that bit more personal.

For the second page I chose a picture of hubby and me (when I pregnant.) I used the cut off from one the pages to line the bottom of the page. I cut out some of the patterned paper to make almost triangles to frame the left hand side of the page.

Starting scrapbooking with a Veesun scrapbook

I then once again enjoyed doing some embellishmenting!

I chose the text My Favourite for the page and added a “so lovely” label. I then used dots, arrows and hearts to frame the picture but as from the same kit, very much in the same style as the previous page.

Completed scrapbook page with a Veesun scrapbook

completed scrapbook page using Veesun

Et Voila!

What Did I Think of The Veesun Product?

I really enjoyed the scrapbooking, as been a long time since I have done any!

The book itself is a lovely quality and I liked the design and size. I used to scrap on 12×12 card and haven’t done a lot on a black page before, so really made a difference to my design!

The paper quality is really good and thick. It felt great to turn the pages and I feel would last.

Veesun have some lovely scrapbook designs so you have a lot of choice to match what you would like!

If you would like to treat yourself you can use the code veesunme for 15% off

Disclosure – I was provided with the product and compensated for my time. I thoughts and opinions are my own. 

How to create a valentine's scrapbook with Veesun