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My Birth Plans – No Answer and a Growth Scan!

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I was hoping to write a post today, excitedly telling you I’d have decided where to hopefully give birth with my little man. I had an appointment booked with the Consultant, after basically getting told I was high risk due to having a two vessel cord, instead of three.

This was really straight forward. I’m not sure the more junior doctor who saw me really knew why she was seeing me. She checked my 32 week growth scan and asked if he was moving, checked blood pressure and his heart rate. All was fine. After checking with consultant I was signed off as low risk and from their point of view, could give birth in the midwife-led unit if I was able.

I was pleased. There was a lot of initial worry after the 12 week scan. After being told I was high risk and would have to be under the medics, I was disappointed. There is no way I can say otherwise. I know childbirth isn’t a competition or a challenge to see who can do it without pain relief BUT every woman has a plan in their head. A hope, a kind off birth-dream and although I’m realistic enough to know, you have to do what is safe, I wanted a third midwife-led birth, with minimal pain relief and intervention, as with my girls.

I headed over with hubby to the midwife-led unit to hopefully have my final check and see if I could give birth there. The midwife wants to do a thorough check, so did blood pressure, heart rate and a urine sample, which were all spot on. Then came the bump measurement. I wasn’t worried about this, as feel like I am huge at the moment. However, she did two measurements and told me my bump size had dropped from the 50th to 10th gentile, according to the chart. That she felt the little guy was curled up with his head down and legs up under my right ribs, which I totally agreed with BUT their policy is to send for growth scan within 72 hours.

I wasn’t worried in the slightest but more annoyed that this was going to mean, no firm answer about birth yet. I have had growth scan around 36 weeks with both the girls and both were absolutely fine. I find the bump size measurements crude and pointless but of course I work in the NHS and know the importance of following policy and guidelines. It only takes the one missed scan of a slow-growing baby and there would be an issue.

My hubby is flapping around more than me, I guess as it’s the unknown and we don’t know for sure yet.

Of course I’m not 100% all is ok with this little man’s growth but my gut isn’t telling me to worry. I have to go at some point tomorrow and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that I will be calling the midwife-led unit after to say he is a good size and getting signed off!

I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. February 2, 2019 / 9:29 am

    Good luck today, hope it goes well xxx