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What’s in My Hospital Bag For Baby Number 3?

What’s in My Hospital Bag For Baby Number 3?

I’ve never done one of these “what’s in my hospital bag” posts before but I thought it may be fun for my third baby. Mainly because I will probably pack waaaay less than I did for my first baby girl.

I’ve been getting nagged to pack my hospital bag for weeks but I went full-term this week and I guess now is the time. I had the excuse that I didn’t have a new suitcase, so I ordered myself this one from Debenhams and realised I definitely didn’t have any more excuses.

my hospital bag

So what will I be taking this time in my hospital bag? I’ve split the post into for me and for the baby. I will also add some extra suggestions that perhaps I may not take, but could be useful.

What Will I Be Taking in my Hospital Bag?

Pregnancy Notes – I left these at home with Piglet and hubby had to run home. We live that close yes!

TENS machine – not for everyone but I used this right until I was pushing. Really helped with the early and active stages of labour.

– Lots of pairs of knickers and not loose baggy ones! Post partum bleeding is part and parcel of having a baby and for my first, I bought these loose pants from Marks and Sparks. All that happened was I leaked. Chose some well fitting, comfy ones to hold everything in place. Primark are good!

Maternity pads -I always buy 2-3 packs and shove one pack into my bag.

what's in my hospital bag

Breast pads – I always take a few but must admit have never used as not had much leaking. Even if you are not planning on breastfeeding, take some.

Pyjamas or a nightie – I always treat myself to some new ones and even if they get blood or mess on them, this usually washes out, so I actually still have both pairs from the girls. I did bring a dressing gown and slippers for my first and didn’t use, but my births were quick once I got to hospital and it was warm. If you’re in labour for a while comfy socks or a hoody may be useful.

Bikini top or old T Shirt – I decided I wanted to be half naked if I went into the birth pool which I did for both the girls. I felt a little more comfortable this way.

– Clothes for going home – this included my maternity bras and a very comfortable items to go home in. Think leggings and joggers in the winter or a stretchy dress in the warmer days.

– Toiletries – that bath or shower after birth is lovely, so take what you fancy. Shower gel, deodorant and moisturiser were in my bag, as well as toothbrush and toothpaste. Make-up and hair stuff if you want?

– Paracetamol – worth having for during and afterwards in case.

– Phone and phone charger – essentials right?

– Camera and batteries – with the gremlin hubby only took pictures after the birth but for for Piglet I did have more during labour. Depends how you feel.

girl in hospital

– Snacks and drinks – you may feel ghastly and want to vomit in labour or you may be like me who eats all the way through. During the tough bit I munched on fizzy Haribo and water. You can eat between pushing!

– Comforts – you may want your playlist for music so take speakers, you may want your favourite teddy, a book or some candles. Take what you feel is right and it doesn’t matter if you don’t use. I took music and didn’t bother. I took a magazine and never read.

What Will I Be Taking for the Baby?

– A Hat – as soon as the girls were born, the midwife but their little hats on them to keep them warm. So cute.

– Vests and Grows – I took 0-3 months for the gremlin and they buried her. I think for my little man, he will be too big for first size!!! Take a couple of sizes and choices.

a vest for my hospital bag

– A going home outfit – I ended up taking Piglet home in a vest and grow but it is up to you. You may want something a little more special.

– Muslins – Little lifesavers. Clean up sick, drool and any mess. Worth having a couple.

– Nappies, wipes and nappy sacks – they do poop and wee, depending on how long you are in for.

– Car seat –make sure you have one, or you won’t be able to go home!!

– Blanket/coat – obviously this depends on the time of year when you have your baby but if needed you may need to wrap them up.

– A Teddy or Snuggly – these look cute in baby pictures but obviously not an essential!

I think that may be it! I just asked hubby to have a read and he couldn’t think of anything else! I know I will have probably forgotten something though.

I best actually get my bag packed (!) and lots of luck if you are packing your bag too, ready for your little arrival.

what's in my hospital bag for baby number 3



  1. February 13, 2019 / 10:59 am

    Ahh! I found it so exciting packing the bags when I was pregnant with my girls.
    It looks like you have thought of everything! Good luck x

    • RunJumpScrap
      February 16, 2019 / 7:57 pm

      I hope so hun!! Thanks x