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The Best Places for Inspiration to do up your Garden this Year

The Best Places for Inspiration to do up your Garden this Year

This is a collaborative post.

My hubby loves doing our garden. He has an allotment too and is dying for the weather to improve so he can get back outside. Our garden is currently in a complete sorry state after the cold weather. It needs weeding and clearing out, so I know this is going to be a big job come Spring.

Gardening is like most things; you need inspiration and ideas about what to create. What flowers will you want this summer. Colour schemes and designs. Research is something my hubby is very keen on. He always has to look around for a while before making any decisions on anything, so the garden is no different.

Here are some of his top sources:

– Going on holiday. We have been to some stunning places like Hawaii on our honeymoon, Turkey and Greece. Hubby loves the plant life and flowers. It can be really inspiring for him and you can guarantee he will come back with some seeds!

– Gardening magazines. Now and then I’ll find a new gardening magazine in the lounge or in the toilet, especially around the time for buying bulbs or seeds for the allotment as well. There can be some stunning designs to get creative gardening juices flowing.

– Social media – Pinterest and Instagram are brilliant for finding some beautiful gardening designs as well as the tips and steps to create them. YouTube is also brilliant for this for tutorials,

– Online stores such as S G S Engineering which may provide ideas as well as the tools and equipment to produce the creations.

– Friends and family. Quite often we pop around to see a friend or family member and we see something in their garden that we would like! It may be garden furniture or a particular flower or plant.

I have to admit I do love our garden looking beautiful in the summer. The grass is always mown and the flowers are usually beautiful. Gardening may not be my passion but you can certainly appreciate it. I know my husband will get all excited and inspired as the Spring comes but the end product will be worth it.