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Life as a Family of 5 – How are we getting on?

Life as a Family of 5 – How are we getting on?

Our little guy has just gone over a week old and we have been getting used to being a family of 5. I’m not going to lie I was really scared and had alluded to this in my birth story. I think partly why I was so nervous about the labour and birth was because of what was coming afterwards.

BUT it hasn’t been too bad at all. I know I don’t feel 100% myself yet. I was so sore and achy after having the little guy as the birth was so fast. I felt similar to how I had felt after having the gremlin, whereas with Piglet I felt I recovered much faster. I had the awful Day 3 when my milk came in and I wanted to cry over everything. This was spent mainly in my bedroom, coping with my sore boobs!! Since then I have started to feel better. I’m tired but it’s not unmanageable. I think I have struggled more to cope with the raging hunger and thirst that comes with breastfeeding again. That is often making me feel more sleepy. It is hard with three children, especially when you have one that is surgically attached to me, at various points during the day but we are coping and getting there. I do feel I have to take a few deep breaths now and then and not worry too much if the telly is on or things are a mess!

Currently I’m watching my belly slowly deflate by the day but still waiting for my boobs to sort themselves out and match the milk production to what my little one needs!!

How is the Little Guy?

When he was born I thought we had a crier. He was squealing over everything. The cold, being messed with and just generally!! It made me smile, as the girls were not as bad!

However, since my milk has come in he has settled an awful lot. On day 3 when the milk was coming in, he wouldn’t leave my side unless he was asleep. I think now he is more full, he is more content.

Sleeping-wise we have struggled to get him into Moses basket or crib, unlike the girls. This could be him or partly we have been lazier, as we want to sleep!! Currently hubby is in the spare room and his spot has been replaced by the little guy. I can’t complain though: he is sleeping from 10ish to 8ish and feeding on and off, often going for 3 hour stretches. I tend to lie down and feed, so always resting. Due to this he is more alert and content during the day and the girls can see him a bit more.

How Are the Girls?

The gremlin went back to school after half term and Piglet to nursery, three days a week. The gremlin absolutely adores her little brother and wants kisses and holds all the time. She has been a little more teary and definitely not as well-behaved. More being silly, not listening and I’ve had to fight to not yell!! I’m hoping this passes as she was lovely over half-term before he arrived.

Piglet is Piglet. She’s 2 and a half and a little live wire at the best of times. She too, loves spending time with her baby brother but has been a little naughtier. She is quite mean to then gremlin when she wants to be and we did have some regression with her toilet training. Thankfully this has improved and we are back on track with the wees and being dry over night. Still working on the poops!!


Overall they have both done well. I do find it hard with them all and I know I will have to get used to this when hubby goes back to work but I know I will get there and they are with me at different times with all the grem’s activities, school and nursery.

How is Hubby?

He seems pretty good but he is getting to sleep in the spare room! He will get up to change the little guy’s nappies but this isn’t every night. The girls sometimes come into him to sleep but again not every night. He’s done a tonne of jobs around the house and taken on the girls in the morning for breakfast and getting them to bed when I’m sat on the sofa feeding!

At the moment we are all working as a team but I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous of him returning to work and us finding our new routine with pick ups and drop offs with the girls. I’m hoping to find a group for Piglet and the little guy on a Wednesday to keep us busy and get us out and about.

The first week has been better than I thought it would be, especially since I have gotten over my hormone dippings and milk coming in. That really is the worst day after having a baby!

I’m hoping things will continue and will keep you posted!



  1. V england
    March 1, 2019 / 11:10 pm

    Sounds pretty normal to me! In the last pic piglet looks very like the grem. First timeI have thought that.

    • RunJumpScrap
      March 7, 2019 / 8:05 pm