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Looking For The Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

Looking For The Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

This is a collaborative post.

If there’s one activity that can make you feel so free, it’s running. I mean, have you ever run so hard that it feels like your lungs can crash at any moment? But it doesn’t feel bad at all, not in the slightest. You’re desperately catching for your breath and yet, everything feels normal. It feels great even! It is during this moment that you feel most alive! Read more about one person’s amazing experience with running by clicking here.

But the entire experience can be ruined for you if you have the worst shoes in the world on.   

There are many factors that can affect the quality of your running shoes. From the thickness of the soles to the comfort of the interior, there are many things you have to put into consideration before you can finally say that what you have are the best pair of running shoes ever! After all, it wouldn’t be nice to have your shoes give up on you while you’re out for a run right? It would be a tad bit embarrassing and in many cases, dangerous. 

What if you suddenly trip headfirst to the ground just because your soles decided to open wide like a mouth of a giant croc? What if you get a painful splinter on the rear of your foot right before a major competition just because your new kicks are made of substandard materials? There are many consequences to using bad shoes – some of them may even be irreversible. If you love your feet and if you value your life as an athlete, invest in comfortable and durable womens running shoes. Trust me; you’ll learn to appreciate them in the long run. 

But wait, how do you know when perfect is, well, perfect? 

Well, there are a few obvious signs that tell you you’re about to make the right purchase. And we decided to take it upon ourselves to show you what these signs are. Starting with:

Quality of Material

You may have heard of the Gestalt expression “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.” While this may be true, this hardly applies to wearables. More often than not, footwear is just as good as the material it is made of. If the manufacturer uses substandard materials, then chances are high that what you’re going to get are substandard shoes too. In the same way, shoes made of quality materials will give you high-quality experience. If you’re looking for new kicks to buy, be sure to check the materials used to create the product. Is the type of rubber used for the soles durable? If you’re a track-and-field athlete, it is important that your footwear can keep up with your heavy training. Is the interior of the shoe comfortable? On top of being durable, does it have a soft feel? You can’t have your feet bruising just because you’re wearing the wrong pair of kicks right? Your feet are far too precious to get damaged. Here are more reasons to invest in good running shoes:

Ergonomic Design

Is the shoe created for the purpose of running? Does it give you the comfort you need while you’re out training? Your new pair of kicks may look stunning but if it’s hard to move in then that defeats the whole purpose. The design of your shoes must keep up with the activities you do. You’ll have no need for fanciness when you’re out in the field, after all. You have to prioritize usability and comfort at all times. The color, style, and all that should come last in your criteria. I’m not saying you should wear an ugly pair but you have to prioritize more important factors – even if it means compromising the look of your footwear. 

Justified Price

Some people think it’s okay to buy a $500 sneakers just because of the brand they’re associated with. If you have no other reason for buying something so expensive other than its brand name, then I really advice that you refrain from making the purchase. It simply isn’t wise to waste a ton of money (but if you have millions to spare, then feel free to do so) on something that you can get at a much lower deal if only you’d settle for less popular brands. Always look at features not just names. If you’re buying an expensive pair because you think they are the best in terms of features, then go ahead. But if you’re just buying them for the sake of being popular, then you better double-check your buying decisions.    

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.