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To my Beautiful Girl on your 6th Birthday

To my Beautiful Girl on your 6th Birthday

To my beautiful grem.  My little mate. The ones who makes me laugh on a daily basis and is by far the most annoying creature I have ever met!

It is staggering to believe that it is 6 years since you made me a Mummy. For six years I’ve blindly stumbled through motherhood, testing it all out on you. My little guinea pig, you taught me how to do it all and gave me the confidence to do it again twice with your little sister and your brother. You taught me that the love for your kids is like no other. The worry. The stress and the overwhelming need to get it right for you.

You taught me how everything changes when you have kids. You come second and they come first. If you’re scared of vomit, then that’s tough! I can cope on less than 6 hour sleep. I can cope with Peppa Pig on loop.

I thank you for these things my darling.

You have grown so much in the last year both in height, confidence and character! 

You may be one of the youngest in the year but you’d never know it when I’m looking at age 7-8 clothes in the shops! You are tall and growing everyday. I was so proud to hear that through your last year at school that you were so happy and easy going. That you are helpful, polite and kind. That you have a lovely sense of humour. Qualities that mean so much more than academic achievements.

I know you worry a little. I know how private you are about some things and I know how you save your affection for who you want. And you know what, that’s fine with me. 

You have learnt recently that to achieve what you want you have to push yourself. Whether it be ice skating without support or doing the monkey bars in the park. It won’t happen first time. You may fall but you CAN do it. And you are leaning this. It is so hard for me as a Mum to watch you have that internal battle with yourself when you want to do something so much but are scared. You will do it when you push past that fear.

You are by far the messiest little whirlwind in the house, can’t eat neatly and if I have to listen to Taylor Swift songs one more time, I’m going to go bonkers. I have never known such a little wheedler when getting your own way and your love for nice food is legendary. You are daft and funny but I want you to stay that way for as long as possible.

You may drive your sister a little crazy but I know she thinks the world of you and vice versa and your little brother, adores you! Keep it that way.  I love listening to his giggles and see his face when he sees you. His joy is just lovely.

know I'm done with babies

I feel crazily emotional that you are going to be 6 whole years old but I hope you have the best birthday! I know you will, as there is cake. Cake is life to you.

Love you!