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Creating Online Content Under Lockdown

Creating Online Content Under Lockdown

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

With plenty of time on your hands, you are looking for a new hobby. Becoming an online content creator could be the key to making life under lockdown a little sweeter. You can use your content to reach out to your audience and share your story. More importantly, as mentioned at the start, if there’s one thing everybody has plenty of right now, it’s time. As a result, people are looking online for entertainment. Gaming networks and streaming services have reported a sharp increase in usage. Services such as Netflix or the PlayStation network have had to adapt quickly to the volume. Understandably, things can get slow to load or even go down under these challenging conditions. But not everyone enjoys watching TV or playing video games. The lockdown offers the best opportunity for new content creators to get noticed.

Schedule time and space for it

Regardless of the type of content you decide to generate – blog, video, etc. –, if you’re going to make it work in the long term, you need to take it seriously. If you’re new to blogging, vlogging, or publishing any other type of digital content, the first rule is to get organized. Make sure you’ve got a space at home you can dedicate to your content hobby. Additionally, you should establish a routine. Treating your hobby just like another task makes it easier to manage during the lockdown. 

Get the best possible equipment for the job

You can’t publish online content with tools that let you make the most of your creativity. If you work on a laptop, now’s the time to invest in an antivirus solution and check for the latest update. Mac users, especially, who have been delaying updates needn’t worry – this post that compares Catalina vs High Sierra explains everything you could gain from a macOS upgrade. Additionally, bloggers and vloggers should look into professional quality cameras. As good as your smartphone can be, old devices may not produce clean images. 

Choose your content wisely

What kind of content should you create? For a lot of people, blogging is the favourite approach. However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of publishing personal content online. Thankfully, there are plenty of options if you are feeling creative but want to maintain your privacy. You could look into online escape room designs with a smart tool that lets you build a point-and-click puzzle to share with friends and relatives. For escape room enthusiasts – the UK counts over 1,500 escape room businesses –, moving the challenge online is a fantastic way of killing time! 

Share your life in videos

You could also join some of the online challenges, such as TikTok video challenges that enable you to connect to other users and have a tonne of fun in the process. The community is filled with creative ideas, trending topics, and engaging themes. You can also explore the latest #hashtags to find inspiration for your next video. Unlike a YouTube channel, TikTok is an excellent platform for first-time video makers who want to hone their skills. 

Content creators, whether they are professionals or amateurs, can escape loneliness by engaging with the online community. As you start publishing more regularly, you can build a supportive system, both for yourself and your followers. When everyone is stuck at home, sharing a glimpse of your mind is the closest you can get to a hug. And, it can do wonders for your mind! 

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.