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Las Iguanas Restaurant – REVIEW – Kids Eat Free during School Holidays | AD

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I am not going to lie. I love going out to eat! I’d do it everyday if I could. I love trying new food and new places and I also love having an easy, snacky tea when we get home if we have had a meal out. I was therefore extremely excited to check out Las Iguanas Restaurant at Resorts World in Birmingham.

In the school holidays, kids can eat free, as long as the adults order from the a la carte menu and don’t just pick tapas or smaller dishes. Each adult who orders from the a la carte menu can claim a free niños meal which includes a main, two sides & a dessert from the kids menu. We have just gone past our February half-term but I will be bearing this in mind for Easter now!

The kids also get a free book and a little toy, which they both loved.

Eating out with the kids can be hard work but my girls are quite used to it and usually behave pretty well; my middle girly in particular. The baby is bonkers and we hate to do it but usually have to resort to a little Hey Duggee so he doesn’t climb out of his high chair but we usually manage to eat our meals in peace.

We headed over to our local Las Iguanas Restaurant over in Resorts World in Birmingham. There was a pirate feature outside for the kids for half-term, so they loved that first and when we came out!

family in front of las iguanas bar

More About Las Iguanas Restaurant

I was amazed when I looked over the Las Iguanas menu, as there was so much choice and so many new dishes to choose from.

I read this paragraph online about Las Iguanas and it explains a little why the menu looks so amazing.

“Las Iguanas are so passionate about sharing the authentic flavour and spirit of Latin America. Our travels have taken us to some of the most exciting kitchens in the world, from the beaches of Rio to the Amazon rainforest, from urban Buenos Aires to bustling Mexican markets where we’ve discovered delicious dishes cooked from amazing ingredients. That’s what we endeavour to bring back with us to Las Iguanas. Our skilled chefs cook from scratch making our classic salsas, sauces and curries by hand each day, creating your food with love and care just like the cooks we’ve met on our travels.”

Las Iguanas have a brilliant ethos and source responsibly. You can read a little more about this here.

Our Experience – The Kids Menu

I was looking forward to choosing our dishes and seeing how our little ones got on.

The niños meal includes a main, two sides & a dessert and I knew the girls would be happy with this. They both chose an apple juice to drink but there are other juices, squashes and water.

Meal wise there are the usual sort of choices for kids – fish, nuggets and burgers but you could also get them fajitas or quesadilla or even lamb meatballs.

There are lots of sides to choose and some healthy choices including rice, chips and curly fries and peas, sweetcorn, salad and beans.

My girls were a bit predictable and one chose crispy cod fingers, chips and peas and the other burger chips and peas.

For dessert they both had an ice-cream on a cone but other options included fresh fruit, jelly, a brownie or a fruit lolly.

My eldest scoffed the lot and her sister’s burger, as it turned out she wasn’t as keen on it as she thought she would be. She probably should have gone with fish or chicken.

They were in heaven with their ice-cream and overall really enjoyed their meal. The activities and books kept them busy too!

girl eating an ice cream cone las iguanas restaurant

The little man has bits of the girls’ meals and we ordered him a side of sweet potato fries which he loved. He also had some of our pay de queijo, which are cheese dough balls. These are on the starter menu. We also took him some fruit and yoghurt from home, just in case.

Our Experience – The A La Carte Menu

I’d already been browsing the menu and although I love Mexican, we have it a lot at home, so that was off the menu for me this time. I went for Bahian Coconut Chicken which was from the Brazilian section. I’d read the description online at home and my mouth was already watering; chicken breast strips pan-fried in cumin, coriander & cayenne & cooked in a creamy coconut sauce with ginger, garlic, tomatoes & coriander. Served with spring onion rice & shredded greens.

rice and great las iguanas restaurant

My hubby also went for a curry xinxim, also from the Brazilian section. This was described as, “A classic recipe from North Brazil. Chicken & crayfish in our creamy lime & peanut sauce with spring onion rice, shredded greens, coconut farofa & sweet plantain.”

xinzim curry at las iguanas restaurant

These meals are around £15 each.

What I loved about ours was the curries came out in little bowls over candles, so they stayed lovely and warm.

I was blown away by my main. It was one if the most delicious things I’d had in ages. Just so tasty and well cooked. I’d never really had “greens” with a curry so was new and refreshing. The sauce wasn’t too rich and not too much coconut. Just perfect and I would definitely have again.

Hubby really enjoyed his meal too. He felt it was spicy but also filling hearty. He enjoyed the plantain, as was very different and something he would not have cooked at home. It was a good portion size too.

We didn’t have desserts as completely fully. Drink-wise I chose a mocktail, which were all 2 for 1! I chose a Raspberry Cooler, which was Funkin raspberry, bottlegreen elderflower, soda. It was quite sweet but really good.

There is a VAST choice of cocktails and drinks. I’d love to go at night and have a few with hubby!

las iguanas restaurant bar

Overall Thoughts of Las Iguanas Restaurant

I really enjoyed our experience and will definitely be remembering this for the Easter holidays too.

The kids enjoyed their meals, there was things for them to do and I’d say they would go back again.

Hubby and I really enjoyed our meals too. The service was friendly and attentive and the food was just amazing. Different and dishes we wouldn’t have picked before or had at home.

The location at Resorts World looks out to the water and is really pleasant to see whilst eating. Also good for shopping afterwards or a cinema trip.

The prices are a little more than some other restaurants but if kids are eating for free, you do save there. Also the food was just better. I’d prefer to pay a little more and enjoy it a little more!

Thumbs up from us and definitely check out, if you are around, especially over a school holiday!

Disclosure – we were provided with this meal free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. February 23, 2020 / 9:00 pm

    We’ve been meaning to try Las Iguanas for quite a while now. It looks so vibrant and exciting. Loving your menu choices and really like how the kids menu has the usual firm favourite on it, in case they are feeling a bit fussy that day. I can’t wait to try this.