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Reasons why you should wear sunscreen after LASER hair removal treatment

Reasons why you should wear sunscreen after LASER hair removal treatment

Article is contributed by Austin K

Laser body hair removal treatment has been gaining a lot of traction over the years when compared to other easily available solutions like waxing or shaving. The reason is simple – 

Laser hair removal treatment renders hair follicles inert for anywhere between three to four weeks! After that, the individual would need to visit their preferred salon for follow-up procedures! 

One would need to maintain a lot of little things after they have received their laser body hair removal treatment. One of the most important of those said ‘little things’ is wearing sunscreen every time they are stepping out in the sun! 


Well, a few compelling reasons –

Treated skin is more susceptible to UV-damage!

Exposing treated skin to direct sunlight keeps the same from healing properly. This would cement the fact that the recipient won’t be able to go for follow-up procedures, let alone carry on with this treatment in the future. 

Avoiding sunlight for at least 14 days and applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or more on the target areas is the way of the wise!

Tanning interferes with the desired results

People who have been sunbathing or have been visiting a tanning spa need to wait for at least 2 weeks before they can receive this treatment. The reason is simple – tanned skin is filled with melanin pigment. Melanin pigment traps or rather attracts more heat from the laser beams used in a laser body hair removal treatment. This could leave the recipient feeling a burning sensation in their treated areas. Furthermore, tanned skin could also interfere with the overall efficiency of the laser beam. 

Although the laser equipment used in salons that offer this body hair removal treatment is carefully calibrated, it is best when a person decides to wait out for a while before they get under the laser. 

Similarly, if a recipient after receiving this treatment exposes the treated areas of their skin to direct sunlight by choosing not to wear sunscreen could suffer from adverse reactions on their skin. 

So avoid doing this!

Not wearing sunscreen could result in irreversible damage to one’s skinAfter receiving this innovative and effective hair removal treatment, the recipient’s skin becomes more sensitive to stimuli such as touch and direct sunlight. 

This is the reason why the target areas shouldn’t be touched, pressed or massaged. 

Furthermore, stepping out in the sun is a big no but if the recipient needs to head out then they should put on clothes that hide the treated areas. If the treated areas cannot be protected or rather shielded by clothes then the person should consider burying the skin under a thick layer of sunscreen! 

Failure to do this would result in irreversible damage to the recipient’s skin which could manifest in the form of 

  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Sunburns and
  • Scarring

Scary right!? 

It is always a good idea to choose a sunscreen with a formula that is resistant to water and sweat as your skin needs protection even if it is subjected to the weather elements! Even if it is a cloudy day and the sun is nowhere to be seen, always remember, UV radiation is always seeping in through the clouds and damaging your unprotected skin! So wear your sunscreen always.

Article is contributed by Austin K