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Why Regular Carpet Cleaning is So Important?

Why Regular Carpet Cleaning is So Important?

The interior of a modern house or flat is hard to imagine without carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture. They have firmly entered our life as attributes of style and comfort. However, these interior items accumulate dust and dirt very quickly and become an additional and very serious source of worries with homeowners. It has been proven that indoor air is ten times more polluted than the air outside. Sources of pollution are not only particles of sand and dirt brought in from the street, clothes and interior items, but strangely enough, the person himself.

This is due to the structure of the human skin and its constant renewal. House dust also contains other ingredients that cause allergies – pet hair, pollen, bacteria, waste products of dust mites – saprophytes that feed on particles of dead human skin. They can be found in their favourite places of residence: in clothes, carpets, mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture.

Every day, an adult inhales and exhales approximately 20-22 m3 of air. The state of our health and general well-being directly depends on the quality of the inhaled air. Microscopic dust particles floating in the air are usually invisible to the naked eye, but this does not make them less dangerous. When inhaled into the body, they cause allergic reactions and can lead to chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

The modern man spends more than 85% of his time indoors. Being in a confined space, it is very difficult for us to deal with dust, the main enemy of the respiratory system. Dust hides in the depths of carpets, mattresses, folds of curtains, and other hard-to-reach corners of the house. It is impossible to cope with it with a conventional vacuum cleaner and dry cleaning. After carpet cleaning with a traditional vacuum cleaner, 80% of the dirt remains in the depths of the carpet.

Walking through the carpet, we literally raise clouds of fine, almost invisible fine dust, increasing the level of its content in the air and, accordingly, increasing the risk of diseases, especially children are at risk. Because the greatest concentration of dust is 80 cm from the floor, and this is the average height of our children. In addition, children most often play on the carpet – the greatest dust collector at home.

So why isn’t a regular vacuum cleaner enough to clean carpets well? The answer is simple!

Carpets have different texture, relief, height, density and pile material, however, in almost all carpets the pile is twisted from yarn fibres. This twist gives the pile elasticity, softness, such carpets are pleasant to the touch, have better antistatic properties and are more durable in use. However, such a woven structure perfectly retains all particles falling into the carpet.

Up to 90% of the dirt that gets on the carpet from shoes is dust, sand, clay and other solid particles. We trample heavier particles as we pass through the carpet, this dirt is captured by the carpet fibres and stays in its thickness for a long time, penetrating deep into the carpet. Thus, an ideal abrasive compound accumulates at the base of the carpet.

The grains of sand have very high cutting properties. As you walk over the carpet, the pile is pressed in and the grains of sand cut the fibres at the very bottom. Then, when cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, the suction air stream captures these cut fibres, which is why we see a lot of fluff in the dust container. If we take a closer look at this fluff, it turns out that these are the cut fibres of our carpet!

Such dirt mixes with dry, sticks to the carpet pile, and it is impossible to simply remove it during domestic carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. With a conventional vacuum cleaner, you can remove only a small part of the debris on the surface of the carpet. For that reason, you need to use carpet cleaning services at least once a year. If you have children or pets, the recommended minimum is three times a year. Depending on the type of your carpet and the level of contamination, the expert cleaners may recommend you using either hot water extraction carpet cleaning or dry cleaning procedure. Despite its effectiveness, steam carpet cleaning cannot be applied on all types of carpets. For instance, for long pile carpets most professional carpet cleaning companies recommend dry cleaning service. However, if you have synthetic fibre carpet with short pile, then you can benefit from steam carpet cleaning services, which is a great way to refresh and disinfect your flooring!

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