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Create Your Dream Home by Adding Some Serious Kerb Appeal

Create Your Dream Home by Adding Some Serious Kerb Appeal

Your home is your castle, or it’s supposed to be.  But what do you do if your home is more like a drab dwelling than an attractive abode?  Well, there are plenty of options available, depending on your budget of course.  

You could start small by cleaning windows and repainting the doors, but if you have your mind set on bigger alterations, what will give your home that added wow factor? 

– A fab new extension.  Especially if you have a large family to accommodate, there is seemingly never enough room for everyone to do their own thing.  So, adding an extension is a big move to make but one that will always give you value for money.  The main thing you’ll need to consider is how to create an extension that will improve your home’s appeal.  You could use the extension as an opportunity to change the whole look of your home’s exterior.

– Give the whole property a facelift.  Many people choose to render the whole of their house when they’ve had an extension done. The main reason for this is to give the house a completely new, up-to-date look.  A post-war build can be boxy, but after a careful extension and some clever rendering the house can look like a brand-new stylish home.  Add the house rendering cost into your extension budget if you want to create that dream home.

– New windows.  Another must have to add into your extension budget.  Why?  It’s unlikely that the windows in your extension will exactly match the windows in your old home.  This miss-match is going to ruin your kerb appeal.  Therefore, you should look at replacing all of the windows in your property to match the ones in your extension.

– The front.  Lastly, you should look at the finer details to finish off your dream home’s new look. Think about the little touches that will make it truly shine.  Think modern sleek outside lighting, good quality door furniture and manicured shrubs by the door.  All these little things count.  You should also think about hiding unsightly bins and adding window boxes.

– To achieve the perfect finishing touch for your dream home, consider to customize your outdoor rug to seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic. Pay attention to the little details like a thoughtfully chosen rug that complements the exterior color scheme and style. It’s these subtle additions that add character and individuality to your home’s outdoor space. Additionally, explore creative ways to integrate functional elements, such as discreet storage solutions for outdoor necessities, ensuring that every aspect of your home’s exterior contributes to its cohesive and appealing appearance.

– If you’re hiring a professional to do the work for you, great! But if you’re thinking of DIY-ing things to save some money, be sure that you have the right tools in hand. From screw guns to band saws, having the right tools is the best way to build a sturdy and beautiful abode.

Good luck if you’re thinking of taking the step towards creating your dream home.  May it bring you years of happiness.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.