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4 Places To Find Inspiration For Your Lifestyle Change

4 Places To Find Inspiration For Your Lifestyle Change

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

It’s easy to fall into bad lifestyle habits over time especially since the pandemic hit. Many people found being at home insufferable because they were close to the temptations of snacks and junk food, and even though they had more time to cook, the lull the pandemic forced upon them discouraged them from doing so. Whatever your reason for a lifestyle change, you should congratulate yourself for taking the hardest step! One of the hardest things to do is admit that change needs to happen. Now for the next difficult step – putting that plan into action. Whether you want to lose weight, become more active to build muscle and tone up, or even change your lifestyle for health or ethical reasons, take a look at these places to find inspiration to do exactly that!

Look at yourself for inspiration

This may sound a little strange, but hear us out. Look back to a time in your life where you were happy with yourself, or at least happier with yourself. For example, if you’re looking to lose weight, find a picture of yourself and leave copies of it in places to remind yourself of why you’re doing it – in the fridge, on your bedroom mirror, or even by the snack drawer. You’ll find yourself second guessing your actions and making more positive decisions towards your lifestyle change.

Follow those who have already achieved it!

One of the best ways of achieving a large change in your life is by looking up to someone who has already achieved their goals. For example, following a health and nutrition coach like Mitch Vanhille will help you realise that your goal is achievable and ensure you’re using information from a source that’s reputable. Whether it’s on social media, their blogs, or even a magazine column they publish, follow someone who inspires you to stay on track!

Research “hacks” to make the journey easier

No lifestyle change is easy, and sometimes there’s nothing wrong with cutting a few corners. If you’re looking to quit smoking, for example, you could use a few hacks along the way to help you quit the habit for good such as carrying chewing gum and using an app that incentivises you by telling you how much money you’ve saved and also how much life you’ve regained. Hacks don’t always work but if there’s something that can help you achieve your goal, grab onto it to help you through your journey.

Document your journey

Finally, if you’re looking for a method to keep your inspiration levels at a high, then documenting your journey is a great way of doing so. Whether you publish a blog talking in depth about your journey, or post on social media, you’ve now got an audience to not only back you up, but to be an inspiration to yourself!

Making a lifestyle change isn’t going to be easy but if it’s for the sake of your well-being, whether it’s physically or mentally, it’s definitely worth the battle! Use these tips to help you stay inspired on your journey!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.