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What Nancy Meyers Didn’t Tell You About Road Sports

What Nancy Meyers Didn’t Tell You About Road Sports

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

When Nancy Meyers directed What Women Want, a scene immediately transformed the appeal of running to the population. The team comes together to think about an advertising campaign, and marketing genius Darcy Maguire explains the appeal of running on the road. 

“She likes to run alone. No pressure, no stress. This is the one place she can be herself, look any way she wants, dress and think any way she wants. No game playing, no rules.”

The scene is then used to highlight the unique abilities developed by Nick Marshall after accidentally electrocuting himself in the bath. He can hear what women think, and therefore he’ll jump on any opportunity to steal his boss’s ideas. Yet, the scene touched millions of fitness amateurs and enthusiasts. It highlighted the freedom of running on the road. And instantly, millions of newly converted runners hit the road. We can’t say we don’t understand the feeling. But road injuries and sports have got a long (looooooong) story.

First of all, there is something deeply appealing about the runner’s scene in What Women Want, and it’s the idea of control. As she runs, the woman has perfect control over her thoughts and feelings. She doesn’t need to worry about anything else because, in a situation where there’s only her and the road, she’s got control over everything that matters. And it’s true that when you exercise outside, you can rapidly escape peer pressure – which can be more difficult in a gym club. Additionally, you can adjust the effort to your fitness level, regardless of your energy, performance, or mobility abilities. So, it makes outdoors fitness more inclusive than many other sport options. Even if you are recovering from previous injuries, you can find a pace that suits your body and mind. 

The things you need to be careful of

Unfortunately, Nancy Meyers failed to show the potential downsides of road sports. Whether you are a runner or even a cyclist, being on the road exposes you to significant risks. According to a bicycle accident lawyer team, the most commonly quoted excuse for a collision is: SMIDSY, standing for Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You. It’s one of the first rules motorbike owners learn as they take the road. Unfortunately, cyclists and runners are not always familiar with the mnemonic rule. You should never forget that you are likely to sustain debilitating injuries in the event of a collision with a car. Therefore, you need to do everything you can to prevent accidents: from high vis gear to paying attention to your surroundings. 

The things that you shouldn’t try

Roller skating is a popular activity. For anyone who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, you’d be pleased to know that roller skating is officially back. Injuries are more likely to be severe, with an 86% high incidence. Severe injuries affect more commonly the wrist, shoulder, elbow, and ankle. While it’s worth saying that there’s plenty of protective gear available, British skaters are more likely to fall than others. The reason, unfortunately, has got a lot to do with the quality of British roads. Uneven surface, potholes, and damaged structure can fracture your wrist! 

Are you ready to hit the road and get active? You could have a blast running or cycling on the road, as long as you remember to pay attention to your surroundings. As for roller skating, unless you can find an appropriate skating ring, it’s best to leave it to the 1980s.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.