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11 Great Tips For First-Time Gamers

11 Great Tips For First-Time Gamers

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Looking to get into the world of online gaming for the first time? You’re about to dive into an exciting world, made up of thousands of other exciting worlds! 

Online gaming offers a bit of something for everyone. Whether you want to play on the move, at home, solo or with friends, you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy gaming online. 

When you’re a first-time gamer, things can seem a little daunting. How do you get started? What should you avoid? Are there any secret tricks that you should know?

To help you get started with your first foray into gaming, here are 11 great tips for first-time gamers.

1. Start off small 

When it comes to gaming, one of the best things you can do is to start off small. You should consider looking at smartphone games or treating yourself to a handheld console like a Nintendo Switch. This is a fantastic way to explore a lot of games without having to invest a lot of money. If you decide that gaming’s not for you, you won’t have wasted money buying something that will go unused.

2. If you decide to go for a console, make sure it’s a worthwhile purchase

If you decide that you want to buy a console, you should do your research first. A console can be a lot of money, and you’ll want to make sure you’re picking the right console for you. You should consider the types of games it offers, which consoles your friends might have, whether the console is child-friendly and of course, the price. 

You should also think about some practical aspects such as whether your TV is compatible or if you need to improve your internet speed. There’s a lot more to gaming than simply choosing the coolest-looking console!

You can find some great comparisons to help you find the best games console for you. 

3. Check out the great range of mobile games that are out there

Your mobile phone is the perfect tool for getting started with gaming. You can game at home, on the move, on holiday or anywhere else you want to play! It’s worth exploring games that are new for 2021 to give you an idea of what’s popular – you never know what you might find! 

4. Do your research around different games

There are a lot of different types of games out there – it can feel overwhelming deciding what to go for! Each main game genre can also be broken down into other genres too. Trivia games or math-based puzzles can be great if you want to exercise your brain, while other games provide different kinds of challenges and escapism.

If you want to get to know more about different types of games, take a look at popular myths to help you see what they’re all about. If you find that a type of game isn’t for you, you can always move on and try something else.

5. Find the right fit for you

Once you’ve tried out different types of games, you’ll have a better feel of your gaming style and the types of games you prefer. This will mean you’ll get more opportunities to explore other types of games and work out what your favourites are. Most gamers have a few games that they like to play on a regular basis, opening up communities of fellow gamers that can make the whole experience much more enjoyable. 

6. Be wary of games that ask for money (especially if your kids play too!)

At the beginning, you’ll want to opt for the free versions of most games. This will allow you to trial them without making a financial commitment. You can pay for the full versions if you know you’ll get decent game-time from them.

As well as paid-for games, there are also free games that allow you to buy add-ons or packs that allow you to progress quicker or use different features. You should proceed with caution with these games as they can be addictive, and leave you with a rather large bill as a result! If your children play these types of games, make sure you block off their accounts so that no money can be spent.

7. Talk to friends who might already be gamers

Gaming can be much more enjoyable with friends. There are some amazing games to play with friends online, including Words with Friends and Pokémon Go. For console gamers, there are games such as Fortnite, Rainbow 6 and others that are a lot of fun to play when there’s a group of you.

Playing games online with friends can be a great way to spend time with them if you can’t be with them.

8. Keep your guard up when interacting with others

Playing games online is meant to be fun, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a downside to gaming. There are people who are looking to expose other people’s personal information or involve them in scams, so it’s important to keep your guard up when it comes to your personal information. 

Some great tips for staying safe while gaming include using complex passwords and not sharing your personal details with anyone you don’t know. If someone is showing signs of inappropriate behaviour, you can report the individuals to help keep the platform as safe as possible.

09. Learn how to manage your time online 

It’s easy for gaming to take over. Just like when you get engrossed in a box set or a book, time flies when you’re having fun. But like anything else, gaming can become addictive. It’s important that you control how much time you spend online so that it doesn’t impact other aspects of your life. If you find that you’re spending hours upon hours gaming, and staying up later than you normally would too, you should think about stepping back for a while. 

If you feel as though you’re gaming too much, there are steps you can take to cut back on gaming to help you rediscover the balance in your life.

10. Learn tips from professionals

Gaming is more popular than ever, and there are great ways to consume gaming content without having to play. Game streaming platforms such as Twitch are fantastic hubs for cool content, allowing you to discover new players and learn their secrets. Watching a live stream can be really entertaining, and who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to stream yourself one day!

11. Be nice!

One thing about playing games that can’t be stressed enough is to be nice. There are real people behind the avatars and usernames, with real feelings, who can easily be affected by the comments they receive online. Be nice and polite to those you come across, and don’t use personal or offensive language. Poor sportsmanship could get you suspended from a game, but it can also deeply affect the person on the receiving end. Gaming should be fun, so play your part to help keep it that way.

Discovering gaming for the first time can open up some exciting new adventures. From finding new types of games to enjoy to connecting with others online, there are a lot of fantastic reasons to get into gaming. Whether you’re looking for some phone games to pass the time or you want to see what all the fuss is about, there’s never been a better time than now to take up gaming.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.