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What To Look For When Buying A Family Home

What To Look For When Buying A Family Home

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Buying a family home is an exciting moment. It means that you are creating a family and bringing life into the world. You’ll need a trustworthy realtor that uses plugins like eXp Realtor website for the best home search experience. The reason to upgrade your home to a bigger one is so that you have plenty of space for children and child-friendly features. Before buying a family home, here are some things to look for. 

The right price

Looking for a family home will involve finding the right price. You will likely be upgrading for more space, which will mean the property price will be higher. 

To discover the house prices you can afford, you can share your details to find an estimate using MortgageCalculator.UK. Finding out what you can afford before you move will make the house searching process much easier. 

Outdoor space

Whether you are looking for a new-build family home or an older property, you will need some outdoor space for your children to play. 

The outdoor space needs to be child-friendly and safe. Make sure there is no busy road nearby or broken fences so that your children can play safely. 


If your children are small, they will likely be dangerous when using the stairs. Making sure that there is room and accessibility for a stair gate will mean that you can move into the property with peace of mind. 

Likewise, if the property has a lot of stairs, it can be an issue for you and your children when they are growing up. If you are pregnant, you won’t want to be walking up and down lots of stairs every day.


When you start a family, you will likely have a family car or multiple cars. Either way, you will require a car parking space. 

If the property comes with a parking space then that’s a bonus. A garage is the best option so that you can ensure that your car is safe at all times. 

For those without a car, not having a car parking space won’t be an issue. Plus, it will likely bring the house price down. 

Location and amenities

The perfect family home is more than what’s on the inside. The location and the nearby amenities matter too. 

You will likely want to move to somewhere with schools and doctor surgeries for the health and education of your children. If you live in a town without a school, it may be cheaper but less convenient. If you live nearby a school, then you will likely live near other families. This means that your children can make friends at school and socialise with them on a regular basis, which can help them mature and fulfil their spare time.

Kitchen safety 

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. Not only is it homes to cutting knives and sharp objects, but cupboards pose a threat too. 

Ensuring that there is cupboard safety in place, or room for it, means that your children will be at less risk of danger. If a child grabs onto a cupboard and it spills open, they might find toxic chemicals or get hurt. 

A spacious bathroom

When it comes to washing time, you will want as much space as possible to wash and dry the children. 

Ensuring that the bathroom is spacious and large enough for you and the children to use at the same time will make life much easier.

Nice neighbours

You will want to move next door or across the road from friendly people. You won’t want your children to feel in danger or not be close to children of their age. 

Eyeing up the neighbours before you decide on a home will ensure that you move next to neighbours that you will get on with and that will make your children feel comfortable. 

Storage space

Having children means that you have a lot more stuff than pre-children. You will have lots of toys, more food, clothes, and items to store away. Thus, plenty of storage space is key so that you can leave your floors clean and safe for the children. 

Looking at the storage space in every room will give you a good indication of how much stuff you can bring with you. If the rooms lack storage space, then you might want to measure them to see if you can add your own storage. You will need it when you have lots more stuff to store away.

Before rushing into purchasing a home for your growing family, make sure that it ticks all of the boxes. You want it to be as perfect as possible for the safety of your children and the happiness of your family.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.