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3 Incredible Food Subscriptions That Are Fun For The Whole Family!

3 Incredible Food Subscriptions That Are Fun For The Whole Family!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Food subscription services have become more and more popular over the numerous lockdowns. The idea behind them is so simple: you pay for the service and get delivered some type of foodie thing every month. In some cases, you could pay for food to be delivered. In others, you might get a kit where you have to use what’s in it to make food. 

Either way, they can be incredibly fun and a great gift for friends or family. From the family perspective, they also tend to be super enjoyable ways of spending time with your kids. So, here are some incredible food subscription ideas that the whole family will enjoy:

Meal kits

There are so many of these subscription boxes to choose from, but they all follow the same concept. Meal kits include a selection of ingredients that you will then use to cook your meals. You get to select the meals you like, along with how many of them you want per week. The subscription service of your choice will then send out a box with everything you need on a specific day of the week. From here, you follow the cooking instructions and create homemade meals for your family. This is such a great idea as it could help you save money on your shopping by delivering the exact ingredients you need for your meals. Not only that, but you can get your kids involved and make them help with the cooking as well. 

Brownie boxes

Yes, who doesn’t love brownies? This sweet treat is sure to go down well with your family. There are lots of brownie delivery services out there offering subscriptions where you can get a special box delivered to your door every month. In some instances, you can change this to every three months or six months. Something like this is a great idea to really treat your kids once a month. Obviously, you want to encourage healthy eating, which is why having a special treat box delivered each month can help. Think of this as their incentive to eat well for the majority of the time, earning the monthly treat!

Snack boxes

Moving from a sweet treat to something healthier, snack boxes are excellent subscription services for your family. Graze is probably the most well-known one here, delivering a selection of healthy snacks to your door at your own convenience. This can include nuts, dried fruits, and lots of other snacks that are great to keep you going throughout the day without being loaded full of sugar. Again, it’s a fantastic choice for your family as you can ensure your kids have some healthy snacks handy when they get a bit peckish. Not only that, but things like this will give you inspiration for what healthy snacks to go out and buy your kids. 

You will find lots of other food subscriptions out there, but here are three that your family will really enjoy. Meal kits make cooking easier and more adventurous, while sweet treats and snacks delivered in the post are always enjoyable!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.