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5 Fun Date Ideas Post Lockdown – AD

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Virtual dating has been the thing for quite a while now and I have a feeling it will continue for a while longer – perhaps forever! The pandemic has changed our lives as we know it and despite it being a very tough time, we are slowly coming out of the other end with some big changes to our lives. One huge one being the use of IT and technology to work, communicate and yes even date. I’ve written before about fun way to enjoy that first virtual date but what about the third and second dates? When you feel ready to meet up with the person you have been chatting to and only met virtually?

It makes life easier meeting a first online, you can get a good or bad feeling about a person, without meeting up. It doesn’t matter where you are based. You maybe doing Isle of Wight dating using an Isle of Wight dating site or you maybe doing some long distance dating. Whatever the distance, meeting up face-to-face for the first time will be amazing and you need some fun date ideas.

5 Fun Date Ideas

Now the lockdown is slowly easing and we are allowed to do more again, it means dating can get fun again. It’s all very well meeting for drinks and dinner but sometimes you fancy doing something a little different.

Here are 5 fun date ideas post lockdown.

National Trust Date – we love visiting a National Trust and now the weather is also getting better, they can be a beautiful place to visit on a face-to-face date. Ideal for a long walk and getting to know each other better and maybe a nice cream tea in the on-site cafe.

A Spa Date – hopefully you will feel comfortable in your swimming clothes but a spa date can be a relaxing and fun experience to have together. After treatments, you can swim or sit and chill by the pool, chat and perhaps go for lunch afterwards. Always fun to have a glass of something after a relaxing treatment.

A Theme Park date – you may fancy hitting a theme park together if you are both adrenaline junkies! There is always plenty of time to chat and get to know each other better in the queues at a theme park and you’ll have great fun too. Just make sure you both love the thrill of the rides!

A Zoo Date – hitting the zoo together can be a lovely first date experience. Plenty of time for chats, whilst seeing all the amazing, exotic wildlife and a great place to have a nice lunch together too.

A Learning Experience Date – there are so many classes available nowadays to learn a new skill, so why not do this on a date? Learn to cook, paint or do pottery! It’s a great way to have a giggle and break the ice and learn something new!

Dating life is changing again post lockdown for the better! Although the virtual world has served us well for the last 12 months or so, as we open back up again, it’s great to get back out there and have fun dating again.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.