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5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Online Dating | AD

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It’s become the norm hasn’t it? The online virtual world! We always all used the internet, social media and dating apps to meet new people but we were never actually forced to “meet people” over video until the recent pandemic. Life has changed and some of the changes are likely to stay. It is likely some of the virtual world will continue; for example in my job in healthcare, more and more people do opt for a virtual appointment. Why? It’s easy and convenient and if you live a distance away, it saves a journey. Online dating may continue and there are lots of ways to enjoy online dating too!

You may find it is easier to meet virtually at first! You may feel more comfortable doing so. After chatting and texting, a video date could be the next step before a face-to-face meet up. You are likely to get the vibes about a person online and it maybe easier to may that decision about a second date.

The beauty about online dating is it doesn’t matter where you are in the country you are. You may be in London, you maybe into Norfolk Dating and using a Norfolk Dating Site to find your perfect date!

Enjoy Online Dating

Like I said, there are lots of fun ways to enjoy online dating and here are 5 ideas.

Have Online Drinks and Cocktail Making – if you both enjoy a tipple, why not meet online and make some cocktails? This is great way to literally break the ice! Choose what you fancy, buy your ingredients and get making. It’s a great way to connect and a little bit of alcohol flowing always gets the chatting going too!

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Have a Meal Together – you may decide to go a little further than drinks and fancy eating together over video. This doesn’t have to be a complex meal. You may choose to both pick the same thing and get a meal day, including dinner, pudding and drinks. It’s an easy way to have a lovely date and get to know each other.

Netflix Date – live too far away too meet yet? Not feeling to comfortable about the cinema yet? Why not choose a film and watch together online. You can pause and have breaks for chats and don’t even have to leave the house. Don’t forget to get the popcorn in!

Gamer Dates – I’ve written before about enjoying dates as a gamer and it is such a fun way to have a date. You can play various consoles, virtual reality anything! Get competitive, chat and have fun. It’s another great way to break the ice.

Quiz Date – another fun thing to do is set up a quiz or if you are not feeling competitive, think up some questions about things you would really like to know about your date! Get the drinks flowing and find out more about each other. It’s a great way to connect and ask the questions we all want to ask on a date.

Virtual dating is likely to stick around for a while, as is fun, convenient and does add another step into the dating process! It’s a great way to get to know each other and make that decision about meeting up face-to-face!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.