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5 Dating Ideas for Gamers | AD

dating ideas for gamers

I was never hugely into gaming. I used to play when I was younger. It was the best fun battling against my brother, playing on our retro games console, a Sega Mega Drive II or as time passed a Nintendo 64. During the second lockdown my love of gaming has been reignited. My husband bought an Oculus; a Virtual Reality (VR) headset and I have been gaming most evenings for half an hour or so. I love one of the games he has, Beat Saber. I play, forget any worries, get some exercise and am totally immersed in a virtual setting for a while. Gaming has always been popular but it seems even huger right now and with so many people interested and gaming in their spare time, gamers dates are going to be popular too.

Well it’s great when dating if you can find someone who shares your interests too; makes life so much easier and gives you something to talk about and even do when dating and getting to know each other better.

Dating Ideas for Gamers

If you and your date love to game, why not let that be the theme for some of your dates? Here are some ideas for gamer dates and to make your dates even more enjoyable.

Play Together Either Literally or Remotely – online playing is so popular and perhaps before you even meet your date in the flesh, you can play together online. A perfect way to chat a little and get to know each other and suss each other out as a gamer! Could be make or break decision time!

Visit a Gaming Event or Convention – now we are slowly starting to open up a little, more events, festivals and conventions will slowly start to be planned and held. For a gaming obsessed couple, what could be more perfect for a date, than a gaming event? See what new games, consoles and accessories are on the horizon and enjoy each other’s company at the same time.

Plan a Game Themed Date at Home – It maybe an evening of playing, dressing up as your favourite gaming characters or watching YouTube learning some tips and tricks for your favourite games. Regardless, it has to stick to that gaming theme!

Try a New Console Together – as I mentioned I’m a huge fan of the VR headset but my hubby tends to love gaming on the PC. My brother is a huge PlayStation fan. A great date idea would be to try a new game or console; possibly your date is into something different to you? Perfect time to try something new and get to know your date.

girl with a VR headset on

Hit a Gaming Arcade (not gambling) – nothing beats retro gaming and hitting the old-school arcades to play! A great laugh and perfect before heading off for dinner or drinks perhaps?

If you love to play games, your date may also love playing non-virtual games too! Bowling, laser tag and something crazy like axe-throwing may get their competitive side buzzing!

Great to try something fun and different and original!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.