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Hangout Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter & SFR Skate/Scooter Helmet REVIEW | AD

girl with a green SFR Scooter helmet

Lockdown has been really beneficial in some ways over the last 12 months. I can’t believe I’m writing this but there has to be some positives right? All my children have had practising scooting and biking. My 2 year old is a whizz on a scooter and a balance bike and my then 3 year old, learnt to ride a bike in the first lockdown. My middle daughter’s scooter has been firmly stolen by her baby brother and this has meant time for a new one. We were in complete luck when got in touch, offering a review of this amazing Hangup Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter and SFR Skate Scooter Helmet. Both perfect to get my daughter increasing her scooting skills, whilst keeping her safe!

She quite likes being physical – we have just been told she is pretty good at school. She gets outdoors and gets stuck in! I was really keen to let her get going on her new scooter.

girl on the Hangout Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter and green SFX scooter helmet

The Hangout Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter – More About The Product

The Hangout Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter currently RRPs at £69.95.

It’s 1 piece bar and deck so is ideal for a first time stunt scooter riding for tricks and jumps. The materials used in the scooter itself have been built for strength and to withstand the beating a new rookie rider gives it when learning. Due to it’s setup is perfect for speed and control for any beginner rider too!

The suggested age for the stunt scooter is ages 4-8 years and it’s weight is 3.1kg. Check the link above for more technical specifications.

It does have a fixed handlebar size and you cannot fold it, so bear this in mind for storage and transport.

My daughter was thrilled when it arrived!

Hangout Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter

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Riding the Hangout Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter

My daughter found this Hangout Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter  a little faster than her previous one. It is, as has only 2 wheels and is smaller. Of course designed for stunts. She was a little small for this but hopefully with a bit more practice, she may be able to start with a few tricks. Bear in mind this, in case your little one starts bombing away, as it does move!

However, she found it easy to control and steer and could use the brake at the back. I felt it wasn’t a huge jump moving from her old 3-wheel scooter to this one. She is 4, almost 5, so it was the perfect time for her to move to a more grown up one.

The scooter does make a noise as it moves, almost like you can “hear the metal” which sounds crazy but true. However, it’s sturdy with easy grip for small hands.

I’m looking forward to watching her practice on this Hangout Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter and improve her skills!

break on the Hangout Outlaw III Kids Stunt Scooter

The SFR Skate/Scooter Helmet – More About The Product

My daughter of course chose this in Fluo Green to match her new scooter. The SFR Skate/Scooter Helmet conforms to British & European Safety Standards: Certified BS EN 1078 and currently RRPs at £17.95.

Sizing is as follows:

  • XXS-XS: 49-52cm
  • S-M: 53-56cm
  • L-XL: 57-60cm

There are also other colours available too!

Our Thoughts

My daughter loved the the SFR Scooter Helmet, mainly as she loves green! She chose the small size and we did measure her head beforehand.

It fit her really well, and she does have quite a wide head! She said it was comfortable, My husband quite easily adjusted the straps for her to make it safe. I was happy that it meet British and European safety standards, as mentioned above.

The helmet does come with some additional padding for the inside, if required but we didn’t use.

It looks great, is sturdy and comfortable and I felt glad my daughter had it when on the scooter, especially as it is one that moves a little faster!

the SFR kids scooter/skate helmet

girl on the SFR kids scooter/skate helmet

Overall we were really impressed with the products from

We have been sent sturdy, safe products that will allow my daughter to move onto a more mature scooter and possibly practice more tricks as she becomes more confident.

Perfect to get outdoors and keep active.

Would you like to win a product worth £100 from

If so enter via Rafflecopter below.

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All terms and conditions can be found here.

Good Luck!

Disclosure – we were sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



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