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Getting the Kids Active with Wicked Toys! | AD

Getting the Kids Active with Wicked Toys! | AD

We are quite an active family. I love getting out and during the lockdowns we have done this even more. Most weekends we have had a walk or the kids have gone out biking or scooting on the front. We also have a trampoline in the back garden so the kids have started going on that, now it is getting a little warmer and it’s dried off. This is where Wicked Toys really come in handy. We were thrilled to be sent a bundle of goodies and all my kids were really excited to test them out. We needed space for some, so headed over to our local woods which is attached to a field.

I think being active as a family is so important. It’s brilliant for both physical and mental health, good for spending time together as a family and away from screens. Sometimes my kids do need a bit of enticing to get outdoors and it has been more tricky, as we haven’t met up with the usual friends we see.

Wicked Sports Toys – What Did we Receive?

Wicked have been around since 2000 and apply innovation, ambition and originality to everything they do. Already the world’s largest manufacturer of returning boomerangs; Wicked are fast becoming a leading global toy company.

The specialise in indoor and outdoor active toys! There are tonnes of tutorials providing tips and tricks on using the products on Wicked’s YouTube channel too HERE.

Wicked’s ethos is all about getting kids active, to have fun, learn new skills and get off of screens! Screens back in 2000 were mainly computer games and TV, fast forward to 2021 and screens are more a part of kids’ lives than ever and so the brand’s purpose is even more important, as this video demonstrates. Who can relate? Let us know if you have any tips for encouraging kids off of screens?

We were very lucky to be sent some of their products!

The product I personally was most excited about was a huge red ball. This is called the Mega Bounce XL and RRPs at £20. It measures 2.51 metres in circumference and is bouncibile on almost any terrain, including grass and sand. It has super grip graphics, so easy to throw and catch, plus it’s extremely durable too! It comes with a foot pump.

mega bounce ball

I was also keen to have a go with the Sonic Booma which RRPs £10. This is a A whistling version of the world’s best-selling returning, sports boomerang with ultra-loud screaming wings! It is easy to use and is made from special ‘Memorang’ polymer and featuring an innovative, world-famous tri-blade design it boasts a whopping flight range of 15-20 metres.

We also received a Mega Jump which RRPs at £8. It has high quality ball-bearing axles for super smooth rotation, a great quality thin rope for high speed and textured handles to increase grip. It is available in blue or red, and suitable for beginners to advanced jump ropers, a specially designed rope release mechanism makes it easy to adjust the length.

Mega Jump from Wicked

I was really excited to have a go with the Air Square at £10 as it boasts flying distances of up to 100m! I knew this wouldn’t be one for the garden, or would vanish over the hedge.

It has soft rubberized corners means it can be caught with ease and not just with your hands. Try it with a friend and see if they can hook the hollow centre on to their arms or even legs!

I was really intrigued with UKick which retails at £8. The UKick is perfect for a game of indoor keepy uppy. You can use your hands and feet to kick it, hack it, whack it and challenge the rest of the household to see who can keep it off of the ground for the longest. It’s a great and original way to keep fit while also improving hand-eye coordination.

We also received a Zzzopa Bal which RRPs at £9.99. It’s a fidget spinner and a bouncy ball.

Perfect for de-stressing, testing your strength or bamboozling your mates with crazy spinning jumps and ricochets! Available in a selection of fun and sports themed designs including a football, tennis ball and basketball. We got a tennis ball.
The girls seemed to play with this more at home, as they loved the fidget spinner aspect of this. It is cool to spin around!!

Our final toy to test out (lucky us) was the Mega Spin which RRP from £4.99 to £9.99, depending on which one you get. These are a cool range of Yo-Yos and there are 4 models, depending on your skill!

I had to use a stock image here as the girls opened this before I got an image!

mega spin yoyo from Wicked

Getting Active with Wicked Sports Toys

We had some fun with everything.

The Mega Bounce we used in the garden at home, as was a little big to take with us, as we had already pumped up! It bounces so high and the kids love bouncing themselves on it and rolling all over it! You do need plenty of space. I enjoyed having a bounce too. It is fun to sit on but make sure you pump it up enough!

girl with mega bounce ball

My girls are both learning to skip and the Mega Jump really helped with this. I enjoyed having a go too! Skipping is a brilliant way to keep fit. My husband enjoyed this one too!

Girl with mega jump from wicked

I have to say we both loved the Sonic Booma and the Air Square the best!

For both you do need your space and make sure no-one is around. They completely fly!! As mentioned, not for a small garden.

My husband sent the Air Square so far and he loved seeing how far it could go. The Sonic Booma whistled as it flew and I managed to get it to come back. These are so good for keeping fit as you are constantly running to pick them up!! The kids were starving when we got home.

girl about to throw the sonic booma

The UKick was a really original idea. My husband enjoyed testing it out. The girls will need a little more practice (as would most of us!) but I loved how this flew! It reminded me of a huge shuttlecock from when I used to play badminton. The girls could drop it and kick it and I enjoyed whacking it around!

The Mega Spin YoYo has again been played with a lot at home. We received the Saturn version which has a super long spinning ball-bearing axle plus impressive colour changing LED lights.

My eldest really persevered with getting it to spin and then being able to flick it, to wind back in! My younger too loved playing too but they definitely need a little more practice!

Overall we had such fun with all the products from Wicked. We tested them out in March and although it has got a little warmer, we can’t wait for the summer months to really get some use out of them. The Mega Bounce Ball is already getting a lot of use in the garden though!

The products from Wicked really encourage fun as a family, being active and getting away from screens. I also really like how my kids couldn’t just do everything either. They will need to practice and persevere. This is an important lesson to learn, especially for my eldest. She often just thinks she can do something first time and obviously can’t! I liked how she wanted to practice with the Yo-Yo.

I would heartily recommend these Wicked Toys for those fun summer days, having a great time with family and friends.

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Good Luck!

Disclosure – we received these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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