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BBQ Family Food we Love! – With Jacks | AD

BBQ chicken and salad on a plate from Jacks supermarket

We are well into BBQ season right now and as a family and extended family we love them! We also quite like to invite friends around to enjoy them with us too. We have had a couple of BBQS this year with my family and have invited a few friends over to join us too. There was always that worry that the lockdown restrictions would never end and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy a get-together in the garden but thankfully they did! Now all we need is the weather to sort itself out and be a little more predictable for July! The key to a good BBQ of course, is good BBQ family food and we had the most delicious BBQ last weekend, courtesy of Jacks.

My Nan has recently moved down to Solihull to be closer to the family, which is great news for us all. Of course one way of celebrating the occasion was a BBQ. Not only this reason but also because we had so much food! My husband had headed over to Jacks on the Saturday morning and it literally looked like he had come back with enough to feed the five thousand.

More About Jacks

Jacks love the flavour of Britain and are very passionate about working with regional farmers, grower and producers. 100% of Jacks chicken, beef and milk is British.

Jacks are also passionate about outstanding value for their customers. Jack’s Stores are based across the UK, in Middlewich, Barnsley, St Helens and Liverpool. My hubby and little man headed over to our local Jack’s in West Bromwich, which is about 5 miles away.

jack's stores bag

The Jacks BBQ Range

Jacks have a BBQ range that is amazing value, all found in their chiller aisle! You can pick up all your BBQ essentials for less than £20 and after visiting, as mentioned, we got so much food for our family BBQ.

My little man looks pretty happy in the trolley below!

The value is amazing and all of the Fire Pit range is £2.99 a pack. There is a lot to choose from too, including maple BBQ pork loin steaks, oaky, smoky BBQ chicken drumsticks, minted lamb steaks, sweet and smoky BBQ beef kebabs and jumbo pork sausages.

Jacks also have a range of other foods perfect for a BBQ, including burger and hotdog buns, salad vegetables, sauces, dips and corn on the cobs!

We had invited my Mum, step-Dad and Nan over and I was really looking forward to trying some of the products. We were also very lucky that the weather was dry and warm.

As I mentioned we just had so much food and my husband is pretty adept on the BBQ, so he was cooking away for a while. We use a charcoal BBQ, not gas and I love the flavour that it gives the food.

The Fire Pit range looked pretty incredible cooking on the BBQ and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

meat from Jacks cooking on a charcoal BBQ

Family BBQ Foods We Love

Some of then most simple foods are what makes a BBQ. Easy to cook, serve it and most definitely eat. My girls are carnivores and love BBQ food. My little man, not so much but I’m hoping in time this will change.

Hotdogs – my entire family love hot dogs and the Jumbo Sausages in the Fire Pit range were perfect and fit the hotdog buns from Jacks. My girls were in their element.

jumbo sausage hot dogs from the fire pit range from Jacks man holding a hotdog

Chicken Legs and Wings – I’m usually the one after the chicken but my middle daughter also loves chicken legs, wings and thighs. I absolutely loved the Buffalo hot and spicy wings. They were incredible! So tasty and spicy which I love. Don’t forget the napkins!

I’m a huge salad fan and I have to have something green on my plate and part of my 5 a day! I served up my chicken with a small salad and some of the garlic coleslaw on offer. Amazing and yes I certainly had second and third helpings.

BBQ chicken and salad on a plate from Jacks supermarket

Burgers – You can’t beat a good burger and we weren’t disappointed with the burgers on offer from Jacks. Tasty! Perfect in one of their buns with some tomato sauce.

Pork and Lamb – sometimes I get a little boring with BBQs and don’t try different foods or meats. My husband picked up some minted lamb steaks, which went down a storm, as well as some maple-BBQ pork loin steaks. Both were delicious and it was good to try something a little different. I often tend to have burgers and chicken and don’t deviate!

pork and lamb steaks cooked on a BBQ

I was blown away with how tasty the food was from Jacks. They had all the BBQ products on offer for an amazing get together with friends. This ranged from all the meat, salads, sauces, to bread rolls.

The prices were amazing and you could easily get enough for under £20! We did spend more on this due to wanting to try out as many products from the Fire-Pit range.

What was also amazing was we had so many left-overs. I was eating chicken and cous cous for tea on Sunday night and salad and beef kebabs for lunch on Monday. This also makes life so much easier, as less cooking for a couple of days too! Plus you can always have some delicious, healthy salads for a lighter meal!

Definitely go and check out your local Jacks for some delicious BBQ foods and make the most of being able to see family and friends again!

Disclosure – we were provided with a voucher to purchase some of these products and compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



  1. July 19, 2021 / 2:01 pm

    Wow the food looks amazing! I hadn’t heard of Jack’s but that’s probably because we are down South. Hopefully they will be coming down here soon!

  2. July 19, 2021 / 7:46 pm

    The food looks really delicious. I wish we had one near us!

    July 19, 2021 / 9:11 pm

    It’s great to hear it was all under £20, that is really well priced. Perfect for all of our BBQ’s over the summer.

  4. July 21, 2021 / 9:57 am

    We love the FirePit range, it is so tasty and I the range of flavours means there is something for everyone