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Hey Duggee Magazine – Fun to Learn! REVIEW | AD

Hey Duggee Magazine

All three of my kids love Hey Duggee, even my 7 year old will watch it when it’s on. It’s just so lovely to watch. The lessons, the Squirrels and I’m a huge fan of the music. When my younger two were a little younger we used to play the music most days. I still have fond memories of my middley dancing around the room. I knew she in particular would love the Fun to Learn Hey Duggee Magazine. She loves activities and learning and of course she loves a free toy on the front!

One of my favourite things about Hey Duggee is how educational it is. My little man is now 2 but he learns fast from shows like this and others like Number Blocks. Kids are like little sponges and take so much in from their surroundings. Of course for them screen time can be one of their favourite pastimes, so I do like to make sure what they watch is educational sometimes!

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girl holding the hey duggee magazine

Fun To Learn Hey Duggee Magazine

The Fun to Learn Hey Duggee Magazine is an interactive magazine for children, of course based on the lovely Hey Duggee. It is aimed to make learning fun and helps children with reading, writing, maths, design and art.

There is lots included in the magazine; things like crafts, puzzles, games and competitions! My 4 year old was pretty enraptured.

The magazine is aimed at children aged 3 years and over.

hey duggee magazine

Each issue comes with lots of stickers and of course, a free gift! The thing that entices my kids every time.

Hey Duggee Magazine Activities

My middley sat outside in the lovely sunshine and did some of the activities included in the Hey Duggee Magazine. She loved the stickers and there are plenty of opportunities for you to stick them, throughout the magazine!

She also loved some of the counting activities and spot the difference.

girl doing activities in the hey duggee magazine

There was loads to do though, including colouring, crafts and competitions to enter. There are some more things for her to including some writing and there is even a recipe to follow!

colouring hey duggee ma

There are also helpful notes for parents about what to look out for and which activities will help with what skills, like maths, reading and arts and design.

stickers hey duggee girl opening the free gift hey duggee magazine

Hey Duggee Magazine Free Gift

All kids completely love a free toy and included on this edition of the Hey Duggee Magazine was a treasure chest, treasure and a map! My middley has carried the map around all day. It’s funny how the simplest things can be so effective!

There was a game in the magazine you could play using some of the treasure.

Of course my eldest had to get involved too! Looking a tad serious though.

Overall Thoughts

My girls loved the Hey Duggee Magazine, especially the stickers and free gift! I liked how colourful and fun it was. It felt like worth buying as included so many educational aspects and things to do. It would be perfect for a plane ride or trip out, or just something to do on a rainy day.

Kids love to learn but they also need to want to and this is always helped by including their favourite TV show characters, like Hey Duggee!

My middle daughter is 4 and she was fine with most of the activities. She could do the spot the difference with little help and a lot of the counting. Of course younger children could do some of the crafts and colouring with some help from an adult.

There are some more things for her to including some writing and there is eve

Disclosure – we were provided with this magazine and compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.




    July 20, 2021 / 8:10 pm

    This sounds like a lovely magazine for children. My son would love the free gift, stickers and doing all the activities too.

  2. July 21, 2021 / 9:55 am

    My granddaughter is just getting into Hey Duggee, this looks like a fabulous magazine. Will look out for it