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10 Unexpected Positives of Lockdown

mum and three kids - positives of lockdown

We have just passed the year anniversary of lockdown and it was weird, I felt nothing. Nothing at all. I expected to maybe feel angry or sad or even relieved at how far we have come but it really did feel like another day. I didn’t have the kids. I met a friend for a cuppa in the park, did some work, had a long walk with my neighbour and even managed to do the minute silence. But it didn’t sink in that it’s been a whole year since these restrictions came into place all day. I’ve written before about how badly I handled the week before lockdown. I was a mess but as soon as lockdown kicked in, I did cope relatively ok. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been frustrated, angry, fed up, sad and just wanted to run away from the kids many times over the last 12 months but we as a family have been ok.

We had Covid in January, managed the 10 day isolation period and apart from my husband not being 100% right, did recover well.

I think we have almost grown used to life right now and made a new routine and as we slowly come out of the lockdown, it’s going to take some time to sink back into some form of all normality.

As with so many things, there comes unexpected positives with crappy situations. There always is! And for me here are some of my lockdown positives.

Positives of Lockdown

I appreciate my job and colleagues so much more – I went back to work just as the lockdown kicked off back in March 2020. I was scared, as there was talk of redeployment to the wards and two of my dietetic colleagues did go for a couple of months. I didn’t, as was only back two days but my job and colleagues were such a lifeline in those early days. Work was normality. I could drive and go into the office. Spending time with people, seeing my patients (even if virtually). Life for them carried on and so did we. I appreciate my job and team so much more now, as we were all there for each other during a very uncertain time.

I appreciate my neighbours so much more – I definitely feel like I have got to know more people on my road better; some people I would have never spoken to and others who I did, so much better. We loved the street parties last year too! Without the weekend chats with my closest ones, over the last few months, I know I would have lost my mind. I will be always grateful.

Rediscovered my love of music – I have really got back into music over the last few months. I’m loving it! Old stuff, new stuff, film music, anything. It’s kept me sane and cheerful. Helped me clean and just kept me going.

Realised I will never home school any of the children – sometimes I used to wonder what it would be like to home-school my kids. Would they learn more? Would I enjoy it? I saw people on Instagram do a good job but after the lockdown, I realise I will NEVER do it. I’m a terrible teacher. I have no patience and you know what? I hate it!

Being lazy is ok – Yes I am a bit lazy. I’ll admit it but I don’t always like it and feel guilty. However, I’ve learnt in lockdown it’s fine to do nothing, as sometimes what else is there to do? It can be boring and it can be slow but when you can’t go far and have had a million walks, it’s ok to chill.

Made it easier to refuse things I don’t want to do – I do feel even more so now, why should I do things I don’t want to do? Sometimes I’d get asked out or to do something and I think nope but I end up doing it! After all this lockdown and being told what to do, I’m going to say no more and just do what makes me happy (within reason of course!)

The kids have learnt to entertain themselves a lot more – I used to worry if we didn’t have plans all the time. I can’t sit still usually at weekends. Kids have swimming, I train and we often do something on the Sunday, whether seeing family or friends or simply nipping into town for a bit. So lockdown has been a complete slow down. The kids have had to learn to find things to do and they are all much better at playing. So much, I’ve even had time to read or watch Netflix and have a cuppa.

Blogging isn’t everything – this one I’m a little sad over but it has been positive in many ways. Work has been quieter of course since Christmas and I feel I have lost my mojo a little. Less places to visit and less photos to take. This has been positive as I’ve taken less time over it. I lost my free days homeschooling and weekends have been about getting outdoors, being with the kids and cleaning(!) for the last three months. I know I won’t give it up but it’s not as high a priority at the moment.

I have tried new hobbies – sad hobbies yes but I’ve got a little into gaming on my hubby’s virtual reality headset. This is fantastic for losing yourself for a while. So relaxing and completely fun. I also started bullet journalling and doodling during the first lockdown but haven’t done this in a little while.

I realised I do get on and have such a laugh with my husband – turns out…I do actually quite like my husband! Well, if you are going to be stuck together for long periods of time, you are going to figure this out!! I’ve seen quite a few stories of splitting up and divorce and glad that this isn’t me. We have had lots of date nights, laughs and a lot of Netflix. So yes…I’m glad I married him…for now.

I’ve not a clue what will happen as the next few weeks unfold. Part of me can see the light at the end of the tunnel; the other half of me can see a spanner in the works, like Christmas. With parts of Europe in the throes of a third wave, I do wonder will we be next?

Bottom line though, I know I we will be ok and these positives of lockdown will keep me going!