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Life After Recovering from Covid – How are We Getting On?

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Life after Covid. I wish I was typing that and Covid was a distant memory for us all. However, I have a feeling that teeny little virus will he hanging around for many years to come yet,  whether or not life has gone back to some form of normality or not! We had Covid at the start of 2021, the literal start. I felt off with a sore throat on New Year’s Day and had a positive lateral flow test the next day. My husband tested positive a few days later. Fortunately, you can now test for Covid in the confines of your home with BTNX rapid response covid-19 antigen test kit. It was rough. It wasn’t pleasant but it certainly wasn’t the poorliest I’ve ever felt. The throes of Norovirus certainly make me feel worse and Glandular Fever when I was at University was a LOT worse. However, both my hubby and I said we couldn’t remember a time we felt as poorly for as long. For me it was 10 days and my husband was around 2 weeks and he still isn’t 100% now everyday. Life after recovering from Covid has changed slightly. Even though neither of us are struggling with Long Covid, it has affected us both in different ways.

recovering from covid

Recovering from Covid

Taste and Smell Changes after Recovering from Covid

Before I worked in my currently speciality in Metabolic Disorders as a Dietitian, I used to work in Oncology with people with taste changes. Now I realise I did not have a clue what I was talking about and I don’t think you ever really do, until you experience something. It’s like giving advice to parents before you have kids!!

I remember biting into an apple a few days into Covid and it tasted disgusting. Absolutely gross. It was bitter and I simply couldn’t eat it. I love apples but they were off the menu until my taste started to return. All I could taste was sweet and salty. A lot of my healthy foods were just awful to eat and I craved bacon, beans, bagels and chocolate spread on toast; anything that tasted of something and to get the calories in. I had to roll with it. I needed nutrition to recover and as my appetite was poor for a couple of weeks, anything went. I was so thankful as my taste started to return, as I recovered and now it is back to normal. I’m almost grateful for the experience, as I feel I can properly empathise now!

My husband however, has not been as lucky. Over a month later, his taste and smell have not recovered and I can tell by the foods he is wanting to eat. He came back from Aldi last week with three almost like ready meals. I raised my eyebrows as it not something we do but a curry, paella and chicken en croute later, I realised why. They tasted so salty!! He is fed up with the food we usually have, as he cannot taste properly.

He explained his taste and smell were getting there however. Coffee for him isn’t right yet, which is a big deal, as he loves it. He also sometimes randomly asks me if I can smell anything, like bleach, which is bizarre! He was really excited not too long ago to finally recognise when our almost 2 year old had done a poo, as he simply couldn’t smell it! I don’t think he has been as bad as other cases we have read but not been pleasant for him.

Chest Issues and Tiredness

I’ve luckily had no issues with either of the above since recovering but my husband is definitely more tired. He needs more sleep than I do regardless but I am noticing he is ready to go up around 9.30pm, when I can stay up longer. He also reports his chest not feeling 100% right and just uncomfortable but not enough to do anything about it really. As he is not coughing and can exercise normally, there is no real need. It’s a funny thing to experience!

My Menstrual Cycle after Covid

The effects on my period were the most noticeable for me after Covid. I have heard this could be an actual thing too. I’m usually very regular, around 28-30 days and I was late. I knew I wasn’t pregnant thankfully (the perks of having Covid) but I knew it wasn’t normal for me. The PMT was one of the worst months I have ever had. It reminded me of my first period after coming off the pill at 27, ready to try to conceive. I was a bit snappy and cross but this is usually normal. However, I also felt unbelievably sad and very low too. I sat on the sofa and just cried. Cried myself to sleep the day before my period come and this is very unlike me. My hubby reassured me it was just hormones but it was quite a weird thing. Then my period itself was heavy; very heavy, again unusual for me. A few people came to me over socials and said they have had issues too. Terrible PMT or missed periods. It may be Covid or just the effects of having a virus and being unwell but I am hoping it was just a one off month. We will see.

Period pants - redhead wearing them

My Skin

I knew I would have a psoriasis flare up after Covid and I was right. My elbows are looking very angry right now and my eldest asked me why I had a star on the back of my leg. No it’s a nice patch of the stuff! I’ve seen little patches come up around my lower stomach, legs and new bits on my arms. My head in very itchy too. It’s not a huge deal and could have happened after any illness.

Overall we know we have been lucky after recovering from Covid. Very lucky. I’m reading more and more about long Covid and although taste changes and effects on my period are not pleasant, in the grand scheme of things, it is very minor. We are very glad to have recovered with just a few after effects and send very best wishes to anyone else currently with Covid or struggling with any more serious after effects.


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  1. February 11, 2021 / 9:46 am

    Gosh it sounds terrible. As you say I’ve had both norovirus and glandular fever but it seems to be the length in which it makes you poorly and the long term effects.

    I hope you and your husband recover fully very soon x