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Things I’m Loving to Get Through Lockdown | AD

Things I’m Loving to Get Through Lockdown | AD

Life is a tad tricky right now being in lockdown…again. It is also hard being in lockdown when it is cold and wet. The last long lockdown we lived in the woods and garden. We had picnics and it felt a little easier. When we were going crazy indoors, we would go outside. Now it is a bit of a military operation, wrapping up in about 5 layers, hats, scarves, gloves, the works! We had Covid in early January and self-isolating was hard, especially straight after the Christmas holidays when we had been home together for two weeks. But the schools shut and everyone else was going to be stuck at home indefinitely too.

I know I have coping mechanisms. In the first lockdown, I started doing Tok Tok and started bullet journalling but as soon as I felt I was coping better, I stopped and had less time.

This is the same during this lockdown. I have found things to love and keep me going. This is what I mean.

Get Through Lockdown

TV Shows and Films

I definitely think I have got into more shows and TV during this lockdown. I had more time when I was ill with Covid and now I’m always looking for new stuff to watch and sharing recommendations with friends. I’ve loved the Queen’s Gambit, The Serpent and It’s a Sin. They are all in my top 3.


I’m not much of a reader and I know this is a bad thing. I kicked myself up the bum and decided to stop mindlessly scrolled on my phone and laughing at rubbish and started to read more. I’ve read a couple of books since then and will try and keep going! I’m also going to try and give away any books I finish, as was kindly sent  some from a friend too.

Being Comfortable

I am practically living in loungewear and joggers and I have no idea how I will ever wear a dress and heels again. I am often getting clothes sent from Femme Luxe Finery and have had some great comfy clothes sent this February.

Lonngewear is the best thing ever right now. It is so comfortable!

I was sent a very stylish Navy Loungewear Tracksuit Set. This currently retails at £16.99 and you can get in sizes 8 to 14. I like the colour and the fit.

I love comfy joggers and have even been known to go to work in them somedays to get changed! They are just so easy to pull on.

White & Black Marble Print Cuffed Joggers. These retail at £15.99 and you can get in sizes 6 to 14 usually. They are quite roomy and very soft.

I was also sent a Black Oversized Fleece Front Pocket Drawstring Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set. This is so roomy and comfortable and I know the hoody will be great for running in during the remaining cold weeks. It retails at £23.99 and comes in sizes 6-14.

My final item was a Black Long Knitted Cardigan. I can currently not find this online, so maybe out of stock but it looked great with my jeans and a tee.


I have laughed and laughed a lot over the last 2 months and have been so grateful for the funny memes and videos I have been sent by friends and family. Laughing has kept me going and kept me happy. So, keep sending the videos all!

Date Nights

Hubby and I were getting quite bad for not sitting and talking during our date nights. I would hide my phone but we’d just sit and watch something, instead of perhaps listening to music. We have reverted back to this and really enjoying it again. Laughing and chatting makes me grateful for what I do have.

I know life is slowly going to come back. We are going to see people again; friends and family and it will be lovely! For now I’ll keep chugging along with what is keeping me happy!

Disclosure – I was sent these products and compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.