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Happy 2nd Birthday Beautiful Boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday Beautiful Boy!

To my beautiful, funny little man. It feels like you have always been with us and then somedays I look at you and think, how the heck do we have three children? I can believe you are going to be two as this year has dragged and flown in equal measures. It makes me sad to think you have now spent half your life in some form of lockdown and not being able to see and do the things your sisters did. I still remember your first birthday party with people visiting and having a normal get together for you. I know this year won’t be the same but never mind! We will make it special for you.

Despite all the challenges you are by far my most friendly and confident child. It actually worries me how easily you will try to wander into a neighbour’s house to go and explore, even after quite a brief introduction! I love the way people think you are so cute and chatty. We are so lucky you have managed to make little friends at your child minders and are still getting to spend time with other children and learn and grow. To you, life is normal. You are happy and safe with your family and the people you luckily get to see and have met.

I know we are VERY laid back with you. You copy your sisters and this has meant you have learnt to speak, count, recognise numbers, scoot and use the balance bike so quickly! You are obsessed with cars and dolls and in equal measures and I know you haven’t had the same amount of attention as the girls but I think it has actually helped you blossom. I don’t fret so much when you fall or cry and you can usually sort yourself out pretty well. You adore your sisters and love spending time with them (can’t say the feeling is always mutual) but they usually let you join in their crazy, loud games and you love it!

You have your moments and strops but you are so laid back most of the time. We get a bit fed up of you wanting to sit on our knee at every meal time and you are not too happy being left alone but your cuddles, kisses and love can brightest the saddest day. Your smiles and squeaky voice melt my heart on many occasions and although I’m not sure when I will ever sleep in my bed again, I know your Daddy will miss the nighttime cuddles. You are very smart though and the fake cries come when your sisters need me. I know your game, as you cling for cuddles or jump on my knee before they can come over!

You are my biggest child and I know will not be fitting in age 2-3 for much longer. Carrying you around is already starting to become a mission. You are obsessed with my boobs and will take any opportunity to stick your hand down my top for a fiddle. I find this bizarre as the girls never did it. I’m never safe, especially after exercise or coming out of the shower!

I was never sure I wanted a little boy. I hated thinking it but I did when we found out what your were. What would I do with one after two girls? But loving you has been the easiest thing ever. You are a true blessing and have completed our family. You are so loving, happy and content (but I wish you’d eat a decent meal!)

Happy birthday my darling boy! Love you loads.


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  1. February 21, 2021 / 6:59 pm

    How is he two already. Time really does fly. Happy birthday to your little man. I hope he’s had a great day x