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Happy 1st Birthday to My Little Boy

Happy 1st Birthday to My Little Boy

My little man. My third child. My first little boy. How are you one? How have we been parents to three children for a year; something I am actually quite proud of to be fair! I was scared, so scared before you came along. How would we cope with three children and this made the pregnancy harder, as I worried so much. And it has been hard but we have managed!

It’s hard to imagine that I would love you so much, as I was never sure I wanted a boy and life has been harder since you have arrived. I do have to stop myself thinking, it will be easier when you are older, as we don’t want the time to pass any faster!

I always feel a bit jokingly sorry for you, as I always tease and say how you were the toughest pregnancy, probably my most painful birth and your craziness has not really stopped since you were born.

You are by far my most clingy-baby but also my most cuddly and loving. You hate being put down and left sometimes and just want to be cuddled and carried about. You give the best snuggles and open mouth kisses, even if it means you like to share your germs with everyone. And haven’t you been ill? A constant cold and three tummy bugs. The joys of older siblings and small relatives! Let’s hope you are toughening up that immune system now.

You are still breastfeeding like a trooper, waking a couple of times a night (when will this ever end?) and wanting milk. Hubby and I know we could probably get you off the boobs if we tried a bit and don’t worry, we will be soon. But you’re my last baby and I know once you stop, that is it for me and breastfeeding. Something I have probably loved and hated in equal measures. Don’t get me started on the nipple twiddling and messing though! Luckily you love your food and we have no worries about you there. On the 91st centiles for weight and height, you are a bit of a beast and the biggest of my three children.

You are into EVERYTHING! We have been quite shocked and the difference between you and the girls. We have to lock you in the lounge or you are up the stairs like a shot. The books are yanked off the shelves, cupboards emptied, you are flinging yourself all over to grab things and we have definitely learnt we can’t sit still for long.

entertain a 10 month old

You are finding your voice and are obsessed with Hey Duggee; “Duggee” being your third word! You may be chatty but you are also stroppy and have started throwing yourself face down on the floor when you can’t have your way. I’m wondering how this is going to get worse, as you get older!

Your sisters love you and you love them too. Your face lights up when they are around and they can always get the best laughs from you. They have totally adapted to having you around and screaming for me when you try and steal their food. I hope you will be best buddies, as you get older.

My little man! You didn’t slot in as easily as we hoped or were told but now life is definitely a little easier now we have our groove.

I can’t wait to watch you grow, start to walk and talk more. I can’t wait to see your little personality and see what you are going to be into.

Happy 1st Birthday to my little boy. Love you lots!



  1. February 21, 2020 / 7:59 pm

    Aww! Happy birthday to your boy. He sounds like such a sweetheart x

  2. February 25, 2020 / 10:18 am

    So funny about him throwing himself and his face down on the floor in a strop! Happy Birthday!