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The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Swimwear

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Swimwear

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Is having that beach-ready body one of your greatest desires? If yes, then this write is especially for you. Whether you are a bikini, tankini or swimsuit type of girl, this buying guide will give you all the information you need to get that perfect swimsuit for women.

You might be seated there thinking about how your days of wearing perfect swimsuits have long gone, but the good news, with the right guidance, your days of looking amazing in women swimsuits just began. It is important to note that this piece is especially for those who wish they could still rock a bikini but think those days are long gone. The truth is bikinis can be more flattering than one-piece suits for so many women, regardless of age, size or shape and it won’t be fair on anyone to be denied this opportunity to look sexy.

What then do you need to know?

Go for that bikini that comes in your best colour

Rule 1 for bikini shopping is to go for a bikini that comes in one of your best colors. If you are not wearing many clothes, you might as well keep those clothes in colors that really work for you and make you feel your best. If you are feeling less than totally confident, you should go for dark neutrals or darker bright colors rather than your boldest colors; however, you should note that going for a bikini in your best bright colors can really lift your mood and boost your confidence regardless of whether you are a size 8 or an 18.

Comfort and support are key considerations

How comfortable you are and how much support your body gets in bikinis should also be adequately considered. If you wear a cup size of a D or above in bras then you should definitely be looking for swimwear which uses bra sizing as its measurement, not your standard dress size. While bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits that use regular clothing sizes are readily available on the high street, these do not provide any type of support for your boobs, and this means that your assets are not being looked after as well as they should. Choosing a bra-sized swimsuit means you are getting all the comfort and support that you should be getting from a regular bra.

Never forget that your shape matters

Never forget that the shape of your body influences the type of swimwear that you should go for. Just like when it comes to buying lingerie, you should be buying swimwear in a style that suits your shape and suits the purpose you are buying it for. What works for getting a maximum tan won’t necessarily work for a fitness session at your local pool.

The fact is, whatever your size, neither a bikini nor a one piece is going to leave you much of a place to hide. What makes a bikini different is that it gives you far more flexibility when choosing your swimwear, as you can choose appropriately shaped top and bottom halves according to what flatters you the most. You can cover or disguise areas you are less fond of, but also draw attention to areas that you like.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.