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Getting Your Kids Ready for Winter: A Guide for Busy Parents

Getting Your Kids Ready for Winter: A Guide for Busy Parents

Disclosure -this is a collaborative post.

Across the majority of the globe the weather during winter months tends to be generally less pleasant, and a lot colder,grey, rainy, and you may even experience some snow, that is however unless you happen to be very lucky and live somewhere in the world where the sun shines all year round.

We have come up with a guide to how you can get your child(ren) ready and prepared for the colder winter months.

Make Sure Your Kids Have Plenty of Warm and Snuggly Winter Clothes

You definitely want to avoid the hassle and stress of your kids falling ill during winter due to the cold weather. So, you should be prepared and buy them some warm comfortable clothing to protect them from the chilly winter. Ideal winter clothes your kids can wear to stay warm and dry include waterproof raincoats, jackets, wellington boots, thick socks, mittens, gloves, cosy hats, sleep sacks, and plenty more. If you are on the  lookout for some top quality warm items of clothing for your little ones, take a look at Babysoy and look through the range of baby accessories and winter clothes they have on offer. Their products are made with azlon from soy fiber which is a protein based fiber that has warmth retention comparable to wool and smooth as silk.

How You Can Prepare Your Family Home for the Winter

One important aspect of preparing your family for the winter as a busy parent is ensuring your home is able to stay warm and well-insulated. There’s nothing worse than a cold draft entering your house through the doors during winter and the house steaming up with cold fresh winter air. To prevent your house from getting terribly cold in winter you should firstly check your central heating system and radiators are working properly long before the winter arrives, and you then get stuck for weeks feeling freezing in your home whilst your family waits to have someone round to fix it.

There are other things aside from central heating you can use to make your family home warmer and cosier during the winter. Some things you can put in to make the house warmer include using draught excluders under doors, portable plug-in oil filled radiators, setting up your fireplace in the lounge (whether it be electric, or a natural fireplace filled with coal or wood), and of course making sure your family eats food that warms you up like soups, casseroles, warm pies and so on. Another top tip is to move your sofa away from the radiator the whole room receives heat.

Home is where the heart is, and you should try and make it as warm as possible for everyone during the winter. Get creative and be inventive, there are many different ways to warm up a family home when the weather outside is cold.

Active Families Should Make the Effort to Still Stay Active and Healthy During the Winter Period

No family should suddenly all turn into coach potatoes during the colder winter months. Make sure your kids do not spend all their time at home looking endlessly at screens not moving during winter months. Encourage your kids to stay active in winter months and put some warm clothes on and enjoy the great outdoors. If there’s extreme weather such as hale, frost, or heavy snow fall of course it is much safe to keep them indoors. However, experiencing a little bit of rain or low temperatures should do them no harm, as long as a parent you make sure they take precautions wear their warm coats and jackets when venturing outside in the winter.

Do your children play sports during the summer months that require warm sunny weather such as outdoor swimming and outdoor tennis that are almost impossible for them to do outdoors in the winter? In that case, try and get them into some winter sports that they can do indoors such as ice hockey, ice skating, ten-pen bowling, and indoor racket sports like squash, badminton, and indoor tennis for example. There’s really no excuse for your kids to be physically active and perfectly healthy during the summer months, and to then have their eyes glued to screens and never go out during the winter.

Staying in too much can be negative for you and your children’s health. Getting isolated and not going out during the winter can lead to depression, feelings of loneliness and being cut off from people, and claustrophobia. Staying indoors too much in the winter and being inactive can also cause anybody to put on a significant amount of weight.If you fail to do a sufficient amount of exercise and eat too much junk food during winter, you will inevitably pile on weight as yourbody is unable to burn off the calories you are intaking.

Get Games in and Things for Your Kids to Do to Keep Themselves Amused Indoors During the Winter

Everyone, young and old, enjoys playing fun board games during the winter. Board games and doing arts and crafts activities such as painting and papier mâché are opportunities to enjoy great family time during the winter.

There are plenty of things busy parents must make sure they have in order for their family before the winter months arrive, just make sure you are fully prepared and think outside the box before winter descends on us once again!

Disclosure this is a collaborative post.