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What I Loved in September | AD

What I Loved in September | AD

We are well into October now and I always love to write a little summary of what we have been up to in the previous month and what I have loved. It is great to dig into the memories and look back.

September seemed to go in a flash and so much happened!

Middley was 5

I can’t believe my beautiful girl turned 5! I was a little worried with all the back to school germs and Covid of course, that she wouldn’t get her party; people may cancel or she may be ill but it all went without a hitch. She had a brilliant party of Rush Trampoline Park and a lovely birthday with family. It was just what she hoped for and I was so glad she got a proper party for the first time in her little life!

The Girls Went Back to School

It was a long summer. I’m not going to lie! I was ready for the girls to go back to school and not only that middley started reception. She’s been great with a few mornings of being unsure. However, overall she has settled and I’m used to her being out of the house 5 days a week now! It’s quite nice having the little man to myself.

It was so Warm

September was a bit of a weird month as it has only just started to feel cold now we have hit October. I almost forgot summer was supposed to be ending. We managed a few more days out, the kids played out on the road and we watched it start to get darker earlier. However, we really made the most of the warmer evenings and it was great!

I Ran 60 Miles for Cancer Research UK

When my neighbour tagged me in an online challenge to run 60 miles in September (2 miles a day or more on other days and have breaks!), I thought she was joking. However, she wasn’t and we both took up the challenge. I loved it and have really enjoyed getting back into running so often. The weather has been great and we were both proud to hit our targets!

New Clothes

Most months I feature some outfits I have received from Femme Luxe and this month is no different. As we are moving into the cooler months, I am looking at some warmer clothes this time too!

The first item I chose was this Cream Oversized Long Sleeve Lapel Button Detail Blazer from the Blazers Collection. I chose this in a size 10 and it comes in size 6-12. Perfect for a night out or smartening up some jeans. It currently retails at £21.99.

The second item was these Black High Waisted Front Split Tailored Trousers from the Trousers Collection. I chose a size 8 and they were very tight, so would have needed a bigger size. They come in sizes 6-14 and retail at £18.99.

The final item was this Black Oversized Matching Drawstring Rib Cuff & Hem Pocket Hoodie from the Hoodies Collection. I chose a size 10 and it comes in sizes 6-14. This hoodie currently retails at £8.99.

Overall September was warm, busy and filled with a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to what October brings, with Halloween on the way!

Disclosure – we received these clothes and were compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.