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Great Food Options For Energy

Great Food Options For Energy

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

If you are a super busy parent – running from school to work, doing chores, picking up and dropping off kids where they need to go – then this is for you!

While coffee gives most people a quick pep up in the morning and throughout the day – it’s better to get energy from protein-based foods instead. 

We know that the food we eat plays a significant role in giving us the energy stores we need to get from morning to evening – and yet many of us still find ourselves flagging later in the day. 

So if you want to bump your energy level, then here are a few foods to consider.


Bananas are incredible for giving a dose of energy in your busy day, and they come in their wrapping, too – double bonus. Bananas are brimming with energy, providing complex carbohydrates, vitamin b6, and potassium. 

If you are a gym-goer or runner, then the chances are you have been recommended to eat a banana 30 minutes to an hour before you work out. 

Brown rice

Brown rice is incredibly nutritious and is one thing you will see for bodybuilders and those who are looking to get a more sculpted body. It will become part of the regime, just like the drops from

Brown rice also packs a huge punch when it comes to fibre and manganese. Manganese is one of the vital enzymes that breaks down carbs and proteins to help build energy levels. 

Unlike white rice, the high value of fibre in brown rice means it has a low GI. Helping to regulate blood sugar levels to keep you steady through the day. 


There are so many different apple choices that there is certainly one for your taste. Some apples are sweet and crunchy, and others have a bit more of a subtle flavour. 

Apples are incredible because a medium-size apple, about 100 g, contains 14 g of carbs, 10 g of sugar and 2.1 g of fibre, roughly. As such, apples are great and provide a slow energy release throughout the day.

Some studies have shown that apples might slow the digestion of carbs, which will in turn elongate the energy release over the day.

Sweet Potatoes

Most of the time when people swap from a high-carbohydrate diet to a low carbohydrate diet they are recommended to have sweet potatoes. They have a huge 25 g of complex carbs, 3.1 g of fibre and up to 25% of the idea of manganese. 

But what makes them actually even better is the 564% of RDI for vitamin A. 

One of the most common recommended foods aside from those listed is eggs! Eggs are easy to cook, and keep us fuller for longer in comparison to some other options. 

One of the amino acids in eggs, called leucine helps to speed up the breakdown of fat to produce energy – nice! 

If you fancy a treat though, there are many delicious chocolate options that have added protein too! 

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Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.