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5 Precautions to take in a Violent Neighbourhood

5 Precautions to take in a Violent Neighbourhood

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Home is where we feel comfortable and content. It’s where we can let our guard down and feel at ease. However, life nowadays is not as simple. Our neighborhoods become more dangerous to live in, and the paranoia increases daily. Not everyone can afford to live in specially protected communities. If you’re living from hand to mouth, you’re probably in a less desirable area than you’d like to live in. Violence is more common in poverty-ridden and low-income neighborhoods where people can’t afford the extra layers of protection like guards and watchmen. However, that shouldn’t keep you from being comfortable at home. We’ve compiled a list of precautions that you can take if you’re in a violent neighborhood. In case you’re caught in an aggressive encounter, make sure to visit for proper representation.

1.    Always stay alert

The first tip to living in a risky place is always to be alert. When walking on the street at night, or passing through a quieter area, stay alarmed and ready. Try always to take the busier route or one where someone can’t corner you alone. Go through the city’s map so if you ever get lost, you know how to find your way around. You can share your live location through the phone with a family member or friend whenever you’re out. Making up an emergency SOS text or code that will immediately let your close ones know you’re in danger will also be quite helpful.

2.    Invest in a home security system

Security cameras are a must, especially at home. You can ask your neighbors for advice on which security systems are most convenient for the neighborhood. This way, even if someone tries to break-in, the presence of security cameras will intimidate them away. Furthermore, if they still try to charge in, your security company will be hot on their heels, and the break-in is bound to be unsuccessful.

3.    Lock everything up

While a security system is important, you also need to look into individual locks and safes for precious items. If you’ve got valuable jewelry and large amounts of cash at home, lock them up in a safe. When you sleep at night, make sure all your windows and doors are locked. You should also check the locks weekly and make sure they’re not rusty.

4.    Establish a town watch

Criminals are less likely to hit neighborhoods with tightly knit communities and general awareness. Therefore, a neighborhood watch is expected to decrease the crime rate, primarily involving local law enforcement. Being on good terms with the local law enforcement also makes your neighborhood more secure.

5.    Light it all up!

Lighting plays a vital role in making a neighborhood safe. Blindspots make it easier for crimes to go unnoticed. Someone will think twice before making a move in a well-lit area. Thus, you should get together with the people around you and ask the city to invest in lighting where it’s mostly dark.

Final word

No one wants to live in an aggressive neighborhood, but many of us don’t have the choice. If you’re stuck in such an area, stay alert, and practice caution. Develop friendly relations with your neighbors, and your time will go by easily.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.