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Rainbow Gift Ideas for Christmas | AD

Rainbow Gift Ideas for Christmas  | AD

I would say I am completely obsessed with rainbows. There is nothing that makes me happier then seeing one for real or a product that features a rainbow. I have been like it my whole life. There is just something that clicks in my brain when I see all the colours together. I’m greedy; one or two colours just isn’t enough! You need a rainbow of colours. Part of me was glad to see so many rainbows in windows during the initial Covid-19 lockdown, the other half was a bit sad, as it was quite a rubbish thing we were all going through. This didn’t last long, however and my love of rainbows is still so strong! So of course, a rainbow gift guide for Christmas seemed like a perfect ideas. Rainbow gift ideas all in one place.

So if you are a fellow rainbow lover like me, have a nosey! The majority of these products I was kindly gifted as part of the post. This guide has also been a fantastic start to the Christmas shopping, as my girls and others are going to love some of these products.

So without further ado…

Rainbow Gift Ideas

1) Mikasa Iridescent Cutlery from Cook Serve and Enjoy

I’ve always wanted some rainbow-styled cutlery so was thrilled when I spotted this Mikasa Iridescent Cutlery on Cook Serve and Enjoy.

The set features 16 pieces, providing a full cutlery service for four diners, with stainless steel knives, forks, teaspoons and dessert spoons. All of the pieces are made from high-quality stainless steel. It retails at £44.99. It’s dishwasher safe and has Mikasa’s 20 year guarantee.

It comes in a lovely gift box, so perfect to give for a wedding or anniversary.

Cook Serve and Enjoy stock a huge range of cooking, baking and dining and drinkware. Perfect if you love cooking and want your kitchen and dining area to look amazing too!

2) John Adams Rainbow Brush Animal Activity Set

For kids who love art and design, this Rainbow Brush Animal Activity Set from John Adams is perfect. The brushpens easily snap together and create seamless rainbow colour effects every time.

The pack contains: 6 x Brushpens, 15 pre-printed drawing sheets, 1 x drawing mat, 5 x drawing sheets and some instructions. There are also tutorials on the John Adams website.

You can currently buy on Amazon for £16.

John Adams Rainbow Brush Set

3) Puddle Colourful Short Wellies from Moshulu

I’ve been after some wellies for ages but didn’t fancy some huge ones, so these Puddle Colourful Short Wellies from Moshulu are amazing. They retail at £45 and come in a variety of colours.

A bit about the product from online:

  • Short ankle length makes them easy to pop on and off.
  • Waterproof for wet-weather adventures!
  • Fun colourful design.
  • Patterned textile linings.
  • Flexible sole with plenty of grip.

I’m really looking forward to going out for an autumnal walk in them!

Moshulu is a footwear brand that started in Devon in 1997. Think quality, comfort and most important to me, colour! Boots, shoes, slippers and clothes are also stocked.

They have some amazing products so definitely worth a look.

4) Rainbow Bear from Chicco

This Rainbow Bear from Chicco is a a friendly nightlight to help your little one sleep peacefully. It retails at £19.99.

Perfect for placing on a bedside table or close to little one’s cot, Rainbow Bear comes with a surprise projector, which lights up the ceiling with a magical rainbow to soothe your little one.

When the flap at the back of the nightlight has been opened, the projector works by bouncing LED lights onto a curved mirror, which can be rotated 360º, allowing parents to customise the light beam according to the position of little one’s bed in their room. The nightlight has two different modes for parents to choose from: Static Rainbow, which has the option of an accompanying classical melody, or Colour by Colour, with fun accompanying melodies. Rainbow Bear is available in colours neutral, blue and pink.

5) Magical AF Bauble from Red Candy

I love Red Candy. All their products are so quirky and original! Something different always attracts me. I love their slogan of “shut up, Biege!”

This year to fit in the rainbow theme, I chosen this Magical AF Bauble. It currently retails at £7.50. For the picture, I did turn over as there is a very obvious swear word but you can see if you click the link above!

It is made from glass and covered in sparkly glitter. Will look amazing on our Christmas tree!

Magical AF bauble from red candy

6) Over The Rainbow Girls Shoes from Dotty Fish – Rainbow Gift Ideas

I love little soft shoes for children. They are perfect for little cruisers and lovely for older children to wear as slippers.

These gorgeous Over the Rainbow Girls Shoes from Dotty Fish are perfect and I will be giving these to my niece for Christmas. They are a good price ranging from £9.99-£10.99 depending on the size. They have an elasticated ankle trim means they fit well and stay on wriggly feet, also a suede non-slip sole. They would be perfect for nursery.

They are just so cute!

dotty fish rainbow shoes

7) Rainbow Roses Bouquet from EFlorist

A rainbow bouquets of roses has to be one of the best things I have ever received on my blog. See the pictures below! Rainbow Roses Bouquets are available from eFlorist and would make a fabulous Christmas gift, or gift all year around.

They are currently £29.99 and each rose is dyed with a vibrant selection of colours. This process does shorten the life of the bouquet to 5 days but doesn’t take anything away from the surprise! Mine lasted a good week however!

eFlorist also have an amazing selection of flowers for delivery. Just beautiful!

rainbow Bouquet from eflorist

8) WufWuf Rainbaw Toy

My Mum’s pup is getting in there again this Christmas with a Rainpaw Toy from WufWuf. It has a crinkle sound and a pocket to hide treats. You can also get it in medium and large with it retailing at £12.

rainpaw wufwuf

9) STABILO Premium Colouring Pencil Set – Tin of 38

I adore all the products we are sent from Stabilo. We have been sent some amazing things in the past; perfect for the kids (and me) to get creative.

This Christmas we have been sent this amazing Stabilo Premium Colouring Pencil Set, which retails at £51.22 on Amazon. There are so many colours; a lovely rainbow.

Specifics taking from online include:

  • Highly elastic yet strong and robust lead
  • Lead diameter of 2.5 mm for creating hair-thin lines
  • Partially aquarellable: Contours remain visible
  • High light-fastness and colour brilliance
  • Blueprint proof

10) Kid’s Hammering Bench from Jaques London

I love wooden toys; proper classics that you can keep for years and pass on to other children to play with.

I was thrilled to be sent some rainbow-themed products from Jaques London. There website is full of some amazing products, so you may fall down a rabbit hole browsing.

In keeping with the rainbow theme Jaques kindly sent us this Kids Hammering Bench. It retails at £12.99 and is one a large selection of toys for two year olds. The product is constructed from 100% FSC approved wood, is solid and sturdy. The vivid colours have been created using water-based paint for safety. The accompanying hammer is strong and robust, designed for secure grip in little hands.

Jaques wooden hammering bench

11) Personalised Mug – Cup of Sunshine & Rainbows from Getting Personal 

This beautiful Personal Mug – Cup of Sunshine and Rainbows from Getting Personal. This personalised mug retails at £9.99 and can have 12 characters added to it. It’s ceramic and really pretty! I think I may take to work to have my cuppa in it!

Personalised Mug - Cup of Sunshine & Rainbows

I am thrilled to bits with all my rainbow-themed products. I think we have covered a wide range of gift ideas – from dogs, to kids, to pampering, to stunning flowers!

Hope we have inspired you with this rainbow gift guide and Happy Christmas!

Good Luck!!

Disclosure – we were provided with samples of these products for our rainbow gift ideas, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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