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7 Ways to Style Athleisure Wear

7 Ways to Style Athleisure Wear

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

After the past few years, we’ve gotten used to our comfortable loungewear. Thankfully, athleisure styles mean you don’t have to abandon your comfortable clothes to make a reappearance in the world. But how can you style athleisure outfits to make them look more classy and put together? Here are some tips for styling your favorite pieces of athleisure wear.

Choose a Longline Sports Bra

Most athleisure wear doesn’t work with your regular bra. That’s because most athleisure tops are made of thin moisture-wicking fabrics. Some of them have certain styles (such as racerback tanks or wider necklines) that will immediately show off your lacy bras or bralettes.

Instead, choose a longline sports bra. These bras extend below your bust to give you more support. They also make the perfect layer for wearing under different workout-style tanks, including racerback and cutout tanks.

This style also helps support heavier busts and reduce some of the more unappealing structures that come with them. It’s always a good idea to have a couple of longline sports bras on hand!

Go with Shaped Tanks

Every body is different, and every style isn’t going to work for everyone. Instead of choosing a generic tank or athleisure shirt, try different tanks to find the best for your body. Look for a racerback tank if you’re self-conscious about your arms because they show more of your shoulder instead.

If you don’t want a deep scoop neck, try a shirt with a high neck. There are options for everyone, so look around to find a style that you are comfortable with.

Wear Leggings with Certain Pieces

Athleisure outfits usually include sweatpants, but you can create the same effect with active leggings instead. You can choose black leggings with a longer, loose-fitting top, especially when you’re casually running errands during the day. Otherwise, pair them with some flat sandals. You could also choose neutral tones, olives, and gray leggings instead of the standard black ones.

Go with Joggers Instead

If you want to avoid leggings and sweatpants, joggers are a nice third option. These pants are about as comfortable as sweatpants and scream ‘casual’. However, they are more tailored, don’t contain the extra fabric, and create more structure in your look overall.

You can try joggers that are cropped at your calf or above your ankle. Choose colors that fit the vibe you’re going for instead of defaulting to neutrals or blacks. There are a ton of options available, so take advantage of them!

Fashion Sneakers Make a Splash

We expect athleisure wear to pair well with supportive shoes that you’d wear to the gym. Fashion sneakers are a great middle-ground that allows you to change up your style when you aren’t on your way to the gym. You can choose a light slip-on sneaker option, or a nice lace-up low top to create a more casual look. Stay away from running shoes unless you’re running! Canvas shoes in neutral colors (or bright pops of color) are best to make your athleisure wear stand out.

Choose Yoga Wrap Outerwear

Some athleisure outfits don’t come with a hoodie or jacket. Instead, you can choose to utilize a yoga wrap when you’re out and about. These wraps are perfect for keeping warm without the chunky, slouchy style of a hoodie. The wrap allows you to emphasize your features and get the most out of your set.

Alternatively, you can go with a fitted zip-up active jacket to take your athleisure outfit to the next level.

Relaxed Tees Look Great

Fitted tees can look great in some styles, but athleisurewear requires a more relaxed fit. You’ll want a lot of coverage, especially if you’re pairing the tee with fitted leggings, biking shorts, or other fitted pants. Choose relaxed tees with a variety of different sleeve lengths and great colors. The object here is to have enough room to move around easily while still keeping you covered at your comfort level.


Transitioning toward athleisurewear is a great step for fashion, especially in the coming months. Whether you’re headed to the gym or not, the objective is to look like you are. There are a ton of styles, sets, and outfits that can help you look great while staying comfortable, but these styling tips can elevate your athleisure outfits to the next level.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.