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Seas the Day – Trying to Be More Plastic Free

Seas the Day – Trying to Be More Plastic Free

As a population and as consumers, we are all getting more aware of the damage plastic can do to the oceans. The popular BBCs Blue Planet II helped to educate and draw more attention to the problem.

You only have to look around stores, restaurants, schools and on social media to see some of the positive changes you can make to try and be more plastic-free. Plastic straws have vanished for example. Clothes shopping are using recycled plastic in clothes and some garments are more cotton-rich. Some simple changes are all you need to make to contribute and help look after our oceans for future generations.

Seas the Day with Oceans Plastic Free

Oceans Plastic Free sell sustainable, plastic free toilet roll and kitchen roll, which can be delivered straight to your door! They have a smaller core and 20 more sheets per roll.

Oceans Plastic Free have also rolled out a new campaign – Seas the Day. This aims to educate on the environmental impact of plastic on the seas with crosswords and puzzles. This looks great fun for little ones too, allowing them to learn.

Definitely worth checking out to increase knowledge and awareness.

Seas the Day pollution quiz

What Can You Do?

Oceans Plastic Free then highlight some ways you too, can help to look after our oceans and just generally be more eco-friendly.

Shop Responsibly – I must admit my husband is pretty good at this and although it drives me mad, he’s right! Buy in bulk to avoid unnecessary car shopping trips and similarly if shopping online, do the same thing. It means less delivery miles for smaller orders. Try and meal plan and buy what you need to avoid wastage and over buying.

Recycle – It seems simple but I know of people who just throw away old furniture, clothes and general household items. Try and sell or giveaway on Facebook or gumtree. The amount of people who we have given baby stuff too is large and allows something to get a second life! Use fabric bags and avoid plastic when shopping.

Take Care of Electricals – regularly clean your laptops and mobile phones to ensure they get the best life possible. If completely broken or at the end of their usage lives, see if you can recycle.

– Improve Home Insulation – Around 22% of the UK’s carbon emissions are produced by homes so some simple changes can be made to improve home insulation. This includes using draught excluders, fitting a hot water cylinder with a jacket. Cavity walls and loft insulation can really help but will cost more.

– Become More Eco-friendly when driving – look after your car and make sure it is serviced and maintained. Ensure your tyres are inflated, as under inflated tyres increases friction and burns more fuel.

Slow down, don’t accelerate and break too hard – simple changes which are more eco-friendly.

seas the day - ocean clear up

Quite often it’s the small, easy changes that can really help look after our planet and oceans.

What will you do to Seas the Day?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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  1. Priscilla Stubbs
    May 30, 2022 / 11:11 am

    I certainly do my best to be plastic free. What annoys me is those little plastic tags on the label of new clothing. I notice some companies use string instead, I wish more would do this