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4 Genius Ways To Modernise Your Home in 2022

4 Genius Ways To Modernise Your Home in 2022

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

When it comes to savvy living, innovations will help make your life easier and simpler and can even save you money. Modernising your home is also a brilliant way to increase your property’s value.

You can invest in many things, from smart gadgets to the latest fixtures, that’ll help you run your home efficiently and effectively. Technology has come a long way in the past few decades!

Today we’ll give you a rundown of some of the smartest ways you can modernise your home in 2022.

Choose To Get A Better Radiator

The radiator is most likely the last thing you’d think of when considering overhauling your home for the modern age. But radiator units can often get forgotten, and older ones can be terribly inefficient at heating a home. Not only will their components wear down over time, but they can also significantly affect your heating budget.

Choosing to invest in a better radiator is choosing to save money. Not only will a modern radiator have more efficient heating technology, but it will also often look better. Modernization is as much about how the home looks as it is how a home operates.

There’s an abundance of radiator options for all kinds of spaces and aesthetics. From infrared glass radiators to a more traditional wall-mounted and plumbed radiator – there’s bound to be something for you.

Trade Radiators is a fantastic place to look at the new radiator models hitting the market and find one that suits your needs.

Consider Investing In A Smart Toilet

Few people know that smart toilets are real and are the next step in home advancements. You may be thinking about how a smart toilet works or its benefits are?

Well, all kinds of toilets are available for purchase and installation, depending on your budget. However, all the smart toilet models aim to bring more automation to the bathroom.

Depending on the features that you want, a more affordable model can have everything from a UV light to detect bacteria (and to ensure the toilet is cleaned properly), an automatic air freshener device to get rid of any nasty scents, and a lid that can open and close by itself.

Higher-end models on the market do everything from self-flushing to urine analysis (yes, you read that right). Urine analysis is a great tool that can help you catch any health issues that you may have or may be developing – which is a very useful tool.

They aren’t for everyone, but they can be a very useful addition to the home and increase your property’s value.

Smart Coffee Machines

Smart coffee machines are quickly becoming all the rave, and it is easy to see why. With features such as WiFi compatibility and saveable profiles to get the ideal cup of coffee every time – this is a coffee lover’s dream!

Who doesn’t want to have their coffee made for them (remotely) while they are getting changed in the morning?

Various kinds of smart coffee machines, from the lower-end machines, allow you to save and recall coffee profiles for your perfect espresso or latte. However, the further up the value ladder you climb for coffee machines, the cooler the features get.

The mid-range models are usually sold with a companion app that allows them to be controlled from a smart device, such as a phone or tablet. This allows for remote control of the machine anywhere within your WiFi network.

The top-of-the-range models are Alexa compatible, meaning they can be commanded by voice to brew that perfect mug.

This is an ideal addition to any coffee lover’s home!

Smart Plug Sockets

It seems that any piece of technology can be ‘smart’ nowadays, even plugs. This last entry may already have you scratching your head – what could be smart about a plug socket?

Smart plug sockets are usually sold in packs and can plug directly into any conventional plug socket in the home. After being plugged in, they can control the flow of electricity to appliances. This allows for remote access or control of an appliance’s power source.

Most smart plugs will come with a companion app that will allow you to switch them on and off at will. Forgot to turn off the TV, and are you comfy in bed? With a smart plug, you can switch off your TV remotely.

These are brilliant devices for not only saving money but time.


Technology in 2022 is leaps and bounds ahead of what we thought it would be five years ago – and it’s time to capitalise on it to get the most out of your home!

Live smart, not hard.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.