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Benefits of playing with Lego during childhood

Benefits of playing with Lego during childhood

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Kids usually love to play games, but ideally, you’ll want them to play something that can benefit them in the long run. These could be games that involve exercise to boost your child’s health and wellbeing. Or it could be something like playing with Lego that provides many mental benefits for your child. Below, we explore all the different benefits that Lego can offer your child.

Teamwork and social skills

For a start, Lego can help boost your child’s sense of teamwork as well as their social skills. Naturally, Lego can be played with on your own, but it’s common to play it with friends or with siblings. By working together to create something together, it can help your child learn vital team play skills for the future. By going through this process, it can also boost your child’s social skills as they learn to interact with friends during a tricky task.

Problem-solving and language skills

Lego can also help boost your child’s problem-solving and language skills. This is particularly effective if you purchase a Lego education set for your child. Indeed, building something with Lego involves carefully following instructions; analysing the symmetry, size, and quantity of bricks; communicating with friends; and spatial awareness. As a result, your child can benefit immensely from the trials and tribulations of playing with Lego.


Patience is important in life. It can help you keep your composure in a stressful situation, allowing you to work your way out of trouble. Naturally, then, it’s important that your child learns this skill in a situation with low stakes. And that’s where Lego can come in. Creating your Lego masterpiece can be frustrating initially – especially if you’re stuck on a problem or if it’s not coming together quickly. But by persevering, your child will benefit from developing their patience.

Focus and concentration

Finally, playing with Lego requires that your child stays calm. They’ll need to display plenty of focus and concentration as they tackle their latest creation. And by learning to focus and quietly work on something, they can benefit in many other aspects of life. Whether it’s staying focused while completing their maths homework, or concentrating on a household chore you’ve given them, playing with Lego can help prepare them for this. It can be difficult to help an excitable child concentrate at times, but Lego is an excellent way to encourage this admirable trait.

There are many important skills that parents want to impart to their children. And Lego is an excellent way to encourage these traits in a fun setting. Just get them a set today, offer some help and see how it goes!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.