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Drive Into The Future: Getting Into EVs For Less

Drive Into The Future: Getting Into EVs For Less

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

The sooner you switch to an electric vehicle, the happier you will probably be. There are so many advantages to EVs, but the biggest by far is the savings you will make. Getting behind the wheel of an electric vehicle is easier than ever, read on to find out more.

Shop Smart

When you are shopping for anything, value should be at the top of your list. This is what is holding many people back from swapping their car for an electric vehicle. The upfront costs can make it hard to justify choosing a battery powered car over a fossil fuelled one. Modern problems require modern solutions, and there is no better way to solve the EV price problem than leasing.

With the help of Electrix from LV, anyone can get into the driving seat of an electric vehicle for less by dumping the upfront costs altogether. Leasing gives you access to the best EVs on the road today with a low monthly cost, and you will be making savings on fuel every month to help you save even more. Electrix are a one stop shop that can help you find the perfect vehicle, make savings on insurance, and also get a home charging point installed for even bigger savings.

Switch Energy Suppliers

For motorists looking for the biggest savings, pair a home charging point with a cheap rate of electricity from an energy supplier. These rates are becoming incredibly popular with EV drivers, as they slash the costs of ‘filling up’ your battery. With these rates, you can cut your cost per mile by more than 50%, and save around 20% on the cost of charging your car from commercial charging points.

The cheapest EV energy deals give you two rates for your domestic electricity use. The main tariff operates in the daytime and is comparable to the average energy supply prices. In the twilight hours, your supply switches to a cheaper rate and costs drop significantly. This allows you to plug in your car and top up your charge overnight for drastically cheaper prices than you will find at the petrol or diesel pumps. Do a little maths and work out how much you spend each month at the petrol station. You can get around half of that back by charging an EV on an overnight tariff.

Government Grants

The UK Government has embraced electric vehicles and is doing all it can to incentivise the switch. In the next decade, internal combustion engines will disappear from the new car lineups of all manufacturers in the United Kingdom, as the only new cars on sale will be EVs and hybrids from 2030 onwards. Hybrids will vanish from the forecourts in 2035.

Grants for home chargers can be used by anyone, even if they do not have an electric car. You can get as much as £350 off the cost of a home charging point and installation, making it even cheaper to make the change to an EV. The work takes less than a day to complete, and every electric vehicle can connect to the charger and start filling up with cheap power to take you to work or on a big road trip.

The years are rolling by quickly, and before you know it there will only be electric cars on the roads. Get onboard sooner rather than later by leasing an EV and installing a home charger. Embrace the electric future.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.