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Why commercial coffee machines are growing in popularity in 2023

Why commercial coffee machines are growing in popularity in 2023

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Coffee has been an enormously popular beverage for a long, long time. However, the ways in which people have chosen to make their golden cup of morning happiness have changed over the years.

Over the past decade or so, many people chose to go with easy, simple, pod-style coffee makers. Nowadays, however, the commercial coffee machine is seeing a resurgence in popularity, with coffee lovers realising that ultimately, it’s one of the only ways to get a truly high-quality cup of joe.

High-quality coffee

One of the most significant reasons behind the growth in popularity of commercial coffee machines is that they make the best coffee. Coffee drinkers nowadays are getting interested in the coffee-making process, from how beans are grown to how they’re roasted.

If most people just want a caffeine fix, they’ll get an energy drink – if they’re getting coffee, they’ll likely want to enjoy the experience and drink something that tastes great. Commercial coffee machines from suppliers like Norfolk Coffee have heaps of customisable settings, allowing baristas to make anything from a quick cortado to a relaxing cappuccino. 

They look great

Commercial coffee machines are also important in terms of aesthetics. Regardless of the quality of the end product, a cafe would hardly look the part if they made all of their coffee using a little pour-over cup or a mocha pot. Nowadays people expect to see their coffee made in a particular way – if that doesn’t match their expectations, then they’ll likely choose to go elsewhere for their fix.

Commercial coffee machines are efficient

Another important reason behind their rise in popularity is that commercial coffee machines are efficient. Coffee is one of those products that sells during hot periods of the day – cafes will generally see a mad rush during the morning, and another during the afternoon.

As a result, it’s important that their baristas have a machine that allows them to pump out a rapid flow of high-quality coffees. Commercial coffee machines are the best way of achieving this rapid output; when researching which option to buy, it’s important to have a rough estimate of how much coffee you’ll be selling each hour, so that you can get the right tool for the job.

Cost efficient

Finally, with rising rents and wages, cafes are having to maximise cost-effectiveness wherever possible. Commercial coffee machines minimise the amount of coffee beans needed for each drink, allowing cafe owners to create the perfect drinks as cost-efficiently as possible. In the current economic climate, this simply isn’t a benefit that most business owners can afford to overlook.

Coffee is one of those magical products that are easy to stay excited about in the long run. With so many coffee drinkers nowadays interested in the overall coffee-making process, it’s wonderful that sharing that passion with the public can be an effective business strategy. Commercial coffee machines lie at the heart of that process – as a result of the multiple benefits listed above, it’s not hard to see why they’ve become so popular in 2023.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.