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5 Ways to Throw an Excellent Fundraiser

5 Ways to Throw an Excellent Fundraiser

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Throwing a successful fundraiser means planning ahead, thinking smart, and using the resources at hand to breathe life into an idea. This guide covers five big tips that will help anyone in this position and shows exactly what a strong fundraiser needs to make it excellent.

Pick a Theme

The first job is always going to be selecting a theme. Here are some popular ideas.

Family Fun Day

Family fun days are the perfect space for high volumes of diverse guests. You can raise money through ticket sales and incorporate fun-filled entertainment options like a pirate ship ride rental.

Sophisticated Soiree

At the opposite end of the theme scale is the sophisticated soiree, which could include a dance and a banquet. This will be for a smaller number of guests but is a great place to ask directly for donations. It may include things like bidding on donated items to raise funds as well.

Arrange the Budget

Fundraiser budgets are intended to facilitate a straightforward event that covers each core area without running out of money. Pay attention to where cash is being spent and don’t neglect the budget, because this will guide the entire planning process.

Select a Suitable Venue

The venue for your event has to deliver in three ways. Firstly, there must be enough space for all the attendees so that it doesn’t feel too crowded as this is the number one way to make people relax and engage. Secondly, the venue should be cooperative and able to accommodate the demands of the day so that there are no unnecessary hiccups or disappointed guests. Lastly, any event held at an external location needs to be well coordinated with the host so that things can stay organized and on track.

Arrange Food and Beverages

Whether you are running a country-style outdoor fiesta or an indoor, smaller-scale affair, one area that must never be neglected is the food and drink. This must be planned as far in advance as possible, which will mean confirming a projected attendance model before things are booked. Perfect ideas for outdoor events include food trucks and boutique vendors whereas an indoor vibe calls for a buffet or a formal sit down meal instead.


Of course, once the core planning and details have been defined, it is time to think about marketing. Don’t forget this stage, because if nobody knows the event is happening, it will be difficult to sell tickets and boost attendance. Marketing can include posters, social media, and email tactics. The key is to find the best way to reach your target demographic and make it intriguing enough for people to click through and opt in.

In the end, it is the theme and the crowd that makes for a successful fundraiser. There are a number of details that need planning out properly in advance to ensure the event runs smoothly. However, as long as the budget is airtight and the entertainment is engaging, there should be a fun time and a successful donation drive to match.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.