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How to Keep Your Dog Calm This Winter

How to Keep Your Dog Calm This Winter

Disclosure – this is as collaborative post.

Winter is a season that brings joy to many people, but for our furry friends, it can be a struggle. The cold climate, dimmer days, and harsh weather can cause distress and discomfort for dogs. It’s essential to give extra care and attention to your canine companion during this time to ensure their well-being and happiness. But don’t worry! There are plenty of tips and strategies to help keep your dog feeling calm and content. From snuggly blankets to winter wear, there are plenty of ways to keep your pup comfortable and cozy. By embracing the winter season with your furry friend and taking a few simple steps, your dog can still enjoy the season and have a happy, healthy winter.

6 Tips On You Can Keep Your Dog Calm This Winter

Dress for the weather.

As pet owners, it’s important to remember that our furry friends are vulnerable to the cold, just like we are. If you have a dog with short hair or a small breed, it’s essential to invest in a cozy sweater or coat to help protect them from the elements during winter walks. But we want to make sure our pups are comfortable and happy while sporting their stylish new threads. With a bit of extra warmth, your pup will be ready to take on any adventure, no matter how chilly it may be outside!

Keep walks regular:

As the frigid temperatures roll in, it’s understandable that you and your pup might want to hibernate indoors. However, it’s important to remember that regular exercise is critical to your furry friend’s physical and mental health. Not only does it keep them in good shape, but regular walks help improve their mood and can prevent destructive behavior. So bundle up and brave the elements with your furry friend, exploring the winter wonderland together. And afterward, don’t forget to clean their paws and bellies to protect them from any harmful chemicals used to melt ice. Winter walks don’t have to be a chore; they can be a fun bonding activity for you and your furry pal!

Create a cozy space:

As winter approaches, it’s essential to ensure that our furry friends have a comfortable and cozy place to rest. Just like us, they enjoy being warm and snug during the colder months. Providing a soft bed is essential, but also consider the location of the bed.

Away from chilly drafts and hard floors is best for their health and comfort. And if your dog loves lounging by the fireplace, make sure to create a safe space for them to bask in the warmth. Seeing our pups sleepy and happy is the ultimate reward for any dog parent, and a cozy space is the first step towards achieving that.

Practice obedience and training.

It’s no secret that dogs thrive on structure and routine. Sometimes, though, the colder months can interrupt their daily routines and leave our furry friends feeling bored or trapped indoors. That’s where obedience training comes in handy. Not only does it give them something constructive to do, but it also helps maintain your dog’s physical and mental fitness.

You’ll probably be surprised at how much your dog enjoys obedience training, and it’s a great way to bond with your furry friend. Whether you work with a professional dog trainer or do it yourself, setting aside time for obedience training can do wonders for your dog’s happiness and your relationship with them.

Maintain a healthy diet:

Winter may be a time of relaxation for humans, but it can lead to a decrease in physical activity for our furry friends. As much as we enjoy cuddling up on the couch with our dogs, it’s essential to keep them active and maintain a healthy diet.

Lethargy combined with overeating can quickly lead to unwanted weight gain, causing potential health problems for our beloved pups. To avoid this, be sure to monitor their diet and adjust it according to their activity levels. If you need clarification on their dietary needs, consult with your veterinarian. By doing so, you can ensure that your dog stays healthy all year round.

Pay attention to grooming:

Grooming your four-legged friend is crucial and should be a top priority at all times. However, during the winter months, it becomes even more important to keep your puppy’s coat well-groomed and clean. Proper grooming will help provide insulation and protection from the cold weather and ensure their health and happiness.

Regular brushing can be a fun activity for both you and your furry friend and helps distribute natural oils and prevent matting. Additionally, it not only feels good but also helps in reducing stress levels and unwanted hair shedding. Do not forget to trim the hair between their paw pads to prevent ice and snow buildup, which can be a painful experience for your furry companion. So, don’t let the cold weather dampen your dog’s style; keep them well-groomed and happy all year round. If you’re looking for a natural and safe way to ease your dog’s winter woes, check out the CBD pet products available at


In conclusion, keeping your dog calm and happy during the winter months involves a combination of maintaining routines, providing warmth and comfort, ensuring regular exercise and mental stimulation, and being mindful of potential hazards. By taking these steps, you can ensure your furry friend’s well-being and make the winter season an enjoyable time for both of you.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.